LINKED for Educators: Maximizing Classroom Connections One Link at a Time

Among all the dynamics of a successful classroom, the personalities of teachers and students could be the greatest.

* Would you like to encourage more learning and participation?

* What if you could change the dynamics of your classroom by changing your perspective?"

"Understanding how to accept and celebrate different personalities in the classroom can be a game changer. Imagine the empowerment this superbsuccinct guide can bring as teachers recognize, respond, and capitalize on the strength of each student!"~Dalene Parker, Ed.D., NBCT

LINKED for Educators brings added value to teachers who desire better connection with their students whether in the public, private, university, or homeschool environment.

The LINKED personality assessment is included in each quick guide as well as a get-to-know-you quick assessment for students.

Communication and interaction strategies are practical and readily applicable to be used during verbal exchanges between the teacher and his or her student, and so much more.