Love Notes in Lunchboxes: And Other Ideas to Color Your Child's Day

All four Gospels relate Jesus’s feeding five thousand people with just five loaves and two fish. Only John tells us where He got them—from a little boy’s lunchbox. But who packed those loaves and fish? Who did God use to give that child just what Jesus would need to perform one of His best-known miracles? Where was the mama that packed the lunchbox? Packing a lunchbox each morning may not be glamorous, but mothers are in a position to make an extraordinary difference in their children’s lives through that one simple act. This collection of warm anecdotes and Scriptures offers mothers creative ideas for planting encouragement in their children’s lives. Also included are ideas for packing a unique lunchbox, and beyond that, a focus on building self-esteem and character to lay the groundwork for the miracle of salvation.