Parents, Kids and Technology: A Parent's Guide to Raising Your Kids in the World of Technology

Do you really know what your teen/tween living in YOUR house is doing online? You might not realize it, but they are living a completely different life in the digital world. The moment you put a smart device in their hand you have unknowingly given them access to an unfiltered world that will secretly control their consumer habits, self-esteem, sexuality, and life expectations. If you were not concerned before now, trust me, you should be. It’s hard to admit but often we as parents are naïve to the ever-changing digital landscape. This book was developed as a simple resource to discuss some of the governing principles you need to understand in raising your “technology-obsessed” teen/tweens. Parents and grandparents do not have to be tech-savvy on the latest gadgets or apps, they just need to be aware of the deeper digital principles and how to apply them in raising their kids.