Promises for Prodigals: One Hundred Biblical Promises to Declare Over Your Prodigal Girl

Lori Wilkerson Stewart - 700 Club Producer

Have you experienced the heartbreak of watching a loved one walk away from God? Beloved, the enemy wants you to feel helpless, but you must rise up! It's time to fight for her in prayer! In Promises for Prodigals, you'll find 100 Biblical truths to declare over her. These promises are guaranteed, because "each promise is backed by the honor of His name" (Ps.138:2). When Lori's firstborn son left home at 17, her world turned upside down. Over the years, the Holy Spirit revealed key scriptures to Lori that she declared over him in the prayers found in this book. She found supernatural peace and hope as she dedicated herself to praying for her prodigal, and she believes you will, too.