Reckless Devotion: 365 Days Into the Heart of Radical Love

The First Devotional from the Hearts and Ministry of Heidi and Rolland Baker. Rolland and Heidi Baker understand what it means to be sold out for their faith. Now, for the first time, comes a daily devotional that invites readers along on their journey to live lives fully devoted to God. These daily inspirations and Scriptures will encourage believers to join them in total surrender to God. The Bakers show that fruit grown through the tough times is sweeter than we can imagine. This 365-day devotional not only gives story action from their adventures healing the sick and helping the poor, but imparts unquenchable love for service. Whether "stopping for the one" or reaching out to the world, the Bakers model--and invite everyone into--the reckless devotion that thrills God's heart.

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