The Unseen Companion: God with the Single Mother

If you are a single mom, you may find yourself asking:

- "Will this loneliness ever go away?"
- "If God sees me, why do I feel so overlooked, even by the church? "
- "How can I build a spiritually strong home with so little support and so little time?"

Michelle Senters has felt these exact burdens, and in The Unseen Companion she speaks right to them, giving heart-to-heart encouragement to single moms who need to know that God is with her.

Avoiding cliches and hurtful platitudes, Michelle offers "true" hope from God s Word. Her reflections, seasoned by personal experience, will help you:

- Trust that God sees your needs and can satisfy them
- Develop a vibrant relationship with God s Word
- Experience God s presence as the builder of your home
- Avoid temptation and counterfeit solutions
- Strengthen your resolve and confidence to raise children of faith

Read The Unseen Companion and receive a personal, practical word about following God as a single mom, with Him leading your family in strength and love.