WHISPER: How to Hear the Voice of God

Prominent pastor and New York Times best-selling author provides practical insights, inspiring stories, and key steps to hearing the supernatural voice of God. 

Does God still speak? In what ways? Can we hear him? And how do we understand what he is saying? 

Through clear biblical teaching and illustrative storytelling, Mark Batterson reveals the 7 key languages of God; some that you might suspect, and others that might surprise you. By learning these languages, you will be able to hear from God and follow his voice in your daily lives. From the biggest most gut wrenching decisions to the seemingly simple choices we all face, Batterson believes that God loves us enough to speak into our lives and does so more often than we realize. 

God speaks to his people and he speaks often. Get the tools you need to properly tune in and turn up His voice in your life

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