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bootsontheground 02/06/08

Iraqi Good News Roundup

Soldiers of the 24th Infantry Division uncovered a large weapons cache yesterday in Baghdad. And it was quite a haul. Check out this shopping list, keeping in mind how many attacks the bad guys WON'T be making now that this ordnance is off the streets.

· 13 120 mm mortar rounds,
· 132 82 mm mortar rounds,
· 51 60 mm mortar rounds,
· 3 cans of 120 mm mortar fuses,
· 23 boxes of mortar fuses,
· 3 mortar sights,
· 35 82 mm mortar primers,
· six 60 mm mortar primers,
· 22 40 mm mortar primers,
· one 120 mm tube,
· 130 blasting caps,
· 30 rifle rocket-propelled grenades,
· 24 RPG warheads,
· one RPG sight,
· two bags of RPG propellant,
· 12 RPG propellants,
· four artillery fuses,
· four anti-personnel mines,
· two 57 mm rockets,
· 126 fragmentation grenades,
· three Russian grenades,
· 600 yards of detonation cord,
· a variety of machine guns,
· seven cell phones,
· four IED switches,
· 26 30 mm anti-aircraft rounds
· 17.50 caliber rounds.

You can click here to watch a video of the Explosives Ordnance Disposal units disposing of a cache. Click here to see what these weapons could have been used for.

But wait. there's more. In a separate operation south of Baghdad, ten suspected insurgents were rounded up after a tip by a local citizen, and in yet another incident, two Iraqi men gave their lives by tackling a man who was about to enter a crowded market wearing a suicide vest.

The man detonated himself, killing the two who apprehended him, but massive casualties were avoided by their brave sacrifices.

Step by step, the picture is improving. And every new tragedy further undermines Al Qaeda. People are finally seeing them for the barbarians they are. And that's good news for one day.

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