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bootsontheground 02/07/08

11-Year-Old Back At Home

For one Iraqi boy, a three-day nightmare is finally over. He was kidnapped by an Al-Qaeda kidnapping cell on January 26. The cell contacted his parents and demanded $100,000, or, they said, they'd behead the eleven-year-old boy they'd taken.

The boy was stuffed into a closet and told he'd be killed soon.

Three days later on January 29, Iraqi counterterrorism forces had located their boy's prison. In a nighttime raid, they burst in, killed two of his captors and captured another. When they opened the closet, they found the boy bewildered but unharmed.

Within a few moments, the boy was sitting in a vehicle surrounded by his heroes. They gave him a cellphone. "It's your mother." They said.

He took the phone. "Mother. It's me." His voice was remarkably calm. A few moments later, the boy was reunited with his family. His mother was hysterical with joy.

 Watch the video of the whole ordeal here.

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The parents didn't have the money. But they had something better - a functioning Iraqi army on their side.