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Founder, Leading The Way ministry, a worldwide ministry that leads the way for people living in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ

Author of 35 books, his latest: The Hidden Enemy, Tyndale, 2018

Weekly television and daily radio programs broadcast in 25 languages airing more than 13,000 times each week

Founding pastor, The Church of the Apostles, Atlanta, GA

Ph.D, Social Anthropology, Emory University


4 grown children 8 grandchildren

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Dr. Youssef says our civilization is under assault from in and outside our country.  The external threat is from radical, political Islam.  “This externals enemy wants to sweep away Western civilization and impose a global caliphate,” he says.  “The internal threat is from a coalition of humanists, atheists and leftists.  The enemy within wants to erase Judeo-Christian values our Western culture was founded on.”  These enemies have almost nothing in common.  Radical Islam seeks to impose a theocracy that, according to strick Islamic law, calls for the oppression of women and the execution of homosexuals.  The secular left is fanatical about feminism, gay and transgender rights and separation of church and state.  These two enemies could not be more opposed to each other, but Dr. Youssef says these two groups have joined forces to attack the Christian faith.  The alliance between these two groups largely goes unnoticed, but Dr. Youssef points out that as recently as January 2017, representatives from the two groups publicly marched together in solidarity (the Women’s March).  The co-chair for this march was Linda Sarsour, dubbed by the New York Times as the “Brooklyn homegirl in a hijab,” and an advocate of Sharia law in America.  “This is far from a isolated phenomenom,” says Dr. Youssef.  “The secular left and the fanatical Islam have made a devil’s bargain.  Their mutual goal: the overthrow of Western culture and Judeo-Christian values.” There is only one way to win this war:  “We must be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

The enemy in and outside our country are only two of the three threats to our future.  Dr. Youssef says there is a hidden enemy.  “The hidden enemy is the selfishness and sin that lurks in us,” he says.  He reminds us that too many people within the church have willingly set aside their orthodox Christian beliefs to embrace a more progressive, “tolerant” view of God and scripture.  “I cringe when I hear pastors and authors deny orthodox positions on heaven and hell, the purpose of the cross, the meaning of marriage and the authority of scripture,” says Dr. Youssef. He reminds us: In centuries past, militant Islam failed in its attempt to conquer the world because the church rediscovered God’s truth in time.

The church’s continuing influence is often most visible in the strongest storms. When Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and Louisiana in August 2017, thousands were flooded from their homes and 82 people were killed.  FEMA was overwhelmed and non-governmental agencies came to help, but the most effective aid came from the church.  The Christian community’s response ranged from individual churches offering shelter to organizations like Operation Blessing and Samaritan’s Purse who mobilized truckloads of supplies.  “Our neighbors may not share our views on culture, our principles, our faith, our way of life or our freedom,” says Dr. Youssef. “Yet they are our neighbors.  We are to be Good Samaritans to them, even as we hold fast to the truth.”

The cultural crisis we face today is every bit as turbulent and deadly as a tropical hurricane. One of the most devastating cultural storms is the idea of same-sex marriage.  Same sex-marriage activists go after traditional marriage supporters without mercy.  “We must speak the truth in love – even to those who reject the truth and even at the risk of our lives, our livelihood and our reputations,” he says.  Like the Good Samaritan, we are reaching out to our wounded enemy who does not want our Gospel or Savior.  “God’s design for families, marriage and for salvation leads to healing and hope for anyone who will receive it,” says Dr. Youssef.  “Our love may seem wasted on cold hearts.  God is responsible for the results – not us. Our only duty is to be faithful.”

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Dr. Michael Youssef
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