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'Case for Christ' Author Debuts New Book

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NYT Best-selling author of The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, etc.

His latest: The Case for Miracles, Zondervan 2018

Professor, Christian Thought, Houston Baptist University

Former legal editor, The Chicago Tribune

Married: Leslie; BS, Journalism, University of Missouri

Master of Studies in Law, Yale Law School

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“I tend to be skeptical,” says Lee.  “I believed in the miracles of the Bible, but I was truly interested in testing the strength of the case for miracles.”  He set out on the road to conduct face-to-face research with leading authorities so he could tap into their experience to find out if a miracle-performing God exists and if He is available to intervene in our lives today.  When asked whether miracles are possible today, 2 out of 3 Americans (67%) says yes with only 15% saying no.  Half of the US adults (51%) said they believe that the miracles of the Bible happened as they are described.  Nearly 2 out of 5 US adults (38% or 94,792,000) said they have had an experience which could only be explained as being a miracle of God. As he conducted research, Lee says, “The case against miracles fell short. This investigation has opened my eyes and deepened my faith.” Lee’s conclusion was that there is a supernatural Creator and that the greatest miracle of all time was that Jesus rose from the dead.  

Lee considered himself an atheist at one time.  When he left for college, Lee graduating from his “boring” church and lived a self-aggrandizing lifestyle.  He was fascinated with newspapers as a kid and even delivered newspapers at the age of 11 for two years.  Lee loved reading The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Daily News.   It was no surprise that he chose journalism as a career and later worked at the Tribune for 7 years.  In 1979, Lee’s wife went to a church and commited her life to Christ.  This decision nearly wrecked their marriage.  When Lee saw the changes in his wife, he went to church, too.  He was intrigued by the message and systematically checked out the Christian faith as he would any story.  After one year and 9 months, the puzzle came together and Lee accepted Christ.  In 1987, he left the world of journalism to enter full-time ministry.  

Barbara was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the Mayo Clinic at a young age and for 16 years her disease progressed. Her body eventually twisted in a fetal position, her feet locked in a downward position.  She was on oxygen, unable to move and moved to hospice.  One day in 1981 while two friends were visiting, Barbara heard a man’s voice speak behind one of them, even though no one else was in the room.  The voice said, “My child, get up and walk!”  Barbara motioned for her friend to plug the hole in her neck so she could speak.  Barbara told them, “God just told me to get up and walk.  Run, get my family. I want them here with us!” Barbara literally jumped out of bed and removed her oxygen.  She stood up on her feet and legs which had not supported her for years.  Her hands and feet no longer curled. The next day, her doctor examined her.  “This is medically impossible.”  Barbara has lived for 35 years with no recurrence and 2 of her doctors have written books about her.

Duane Miller was a preacher in Texas.  One day, he woke up with the flu, unable to speak.  The flu disappeared but his voice was reduced to a raspy whisper.  His throat felt constricted as if being choked.  For 3 years, Duane was examined by 63 physicians and the diagnosis: the flu virus destroyed the nerves of his vocal cords with the prognosis for recovery at zero.  One day, while reading aloud Psalm 103 God heals all your diseases, Duane’s voice came back and the choking sensation disappeared! The dramatic moment was captured on audio tape which went viral.  Today he hosts a daily radio show.

Jeff Markin was a 53-year old auto mechanic who had a heart attack in 2006.  Emergency personnel worked on him for 40 minutes to no avail.  Dr. Chauncy Crandall, the supervising cardiologist, declared him dead but then went back in the room to pray for him.  Crandall asked the ER doctor to use the paddle to shock the corpse one more time.  When he did, Jeff’s heart started beating again and he never showed signs of brain damage!

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