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New Study Could Help Suit against Obama's Transgender Mandate


Christian doctors, hospitals and five states are pushing back against the Obama's administrations new transgender health care mandates. 

The Christian Medical and Dental Association and Franciscan Alliance are filing a federal lawsuit against the administration for parts of a non-discrimination requirement in Obamacare that would essentially force doctors to help with gender transition, even if it violates their medical judgment or religious convictions. 

"It discards independent medical judgment and a physician's duty to his or her patient's permanent well-being and replaces them with rigid commands," the lawsuit states.

A new study by two doctors out of Johns Hopkins University seems to back the lawsuit's claim. The researchers found that a majority of transgender patients still suffer from mental health issues after undergoing gender reassignment. 

"This report highlights that it does not look like sex reassignment procedures are the best medicine for very many people, and in many cases this treatment does not provide the outcomes both the patients and doctors are hoping for," challenged Ryan T. Anderson, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation. 

"So, it would be kind of problematic to have the Department of Health and Human Services to sort of rush and say this is the type of treatment that must be covered. No doctor exceptions for their  best judgment," Anderson concluded.

The lawsuit was filed just two days after a federal judge in Texas blocked a directive that would have required public schools to let transgender students to use bathrooms and locker room facilities based on their gender identity.

Texas, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nebraska and Kansas joined the Christian hospital and Franciscan Alliance, a network of religious hospitals, in the lawsuit.

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