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LWL Evangelist Says 400,000 Led To Christ at Recent Ukraine Event


Life Without Limbs evangelist Nick Vujicic recently updated on his Facebook page the total number of people led to Christ at a recent evangelism event held in Ukraine. 

In a story published by CBNNews.com in September, the Life Without Limbs ministry team took advantage of a local celebration in Kiev to host their event. People had gathered from all over Ukraine for a festival to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 

"The biggest event that our team at Life Without Limbs has seen and maybe the largest event ever in Europe - 800,000 people in the streets of Kyiv Ukraine! Thank you God," Vujicic wrote.

Vujicic said 400,000 repented of their sinds and begain their spiritual journey with Jesus. "Now LWL celebrates the witness of 1 million decisions to walk with and trust God in everything face to face," he added.

Vujicic, 33, was born without arms or legs and was given no medical reason for his condition.  On the ministry's website, he explains, "It's been said that doors open to a man without arms and legs much more easily than to anyone else, we thank God for providing that privilege. I've been invited into very unexpected places to share about my faith in Jesus Christ and literally millions have responded."

So far, the Life Without Limbs ministry team has traveled to more than 63 countries. 

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