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Nuclear Nightmares: Trump Ready to Dump Iran Deal, and North Korea's 'Fuse of War'


President Trump called it the worst deal America ever negotiated. Now he appears ready to scrap parts of the Iran nuclear agreement and have Congress make revisions.

The president has until Sunday to notify Congress about Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal negotiated back in 2015.

Last year, candidate Donald Trump campaigned against the Iranian agreement. Now, nine months into his presidency, he's expected to announce that while the Iranians are technically complying, the agreement itself is not in the national security interest of the United States.

And that means he could ask Congress to revise some of the details of the deal.
He's reportedly opposed to the requirement that Iran's compliance with the deal must be certified every 90-days. The president believes that is nearly impossible to do when Iran doesn't allow inspections of its military bases. Many of them are suspected of housing illicit nuclear development facilities. 
Appearing on the Sean Hannity show Wednesday night, the president again said it is the worst deal America has ever negotiated.

"It was, it's a very bad deal; I'm not saying anything different tonight than I haven't saying for two years. It's a horrible, horrible embarrassment to our country and we did it out of weakness when, actually, we had great strength," Trump said.

The president opposes a sunset clause in the nuclear agreement which allows Iran to ramp up its nuclear enrichment capabilities after 10 years.
And he believes the agreement with Iran should have been tied to other Iranian actions, including developing and testing ballistic missiles and supporting the Hezbollah terrorist group.

Iranian President Rouhani says he won't change the deal, calling the nuclear agreement irreversible.
And President Trump also has another growing nuclear threat to deal with. North Korea's foreign minister told Russian journalists that President Trump has "lit the fuse of war" with his country over its nuclear program. 

The U.S. has imposed tough sanctions on North Korea and is keeping up its military maneuvers in the region, including a joint U.S.-South Korea show of force as B-1 bombers and fighter jets flew over the Korean Peninsula.

Also on Wednesday, the president announced his new pick for Homeland Security secretary. 

She's Kirstjen Nielsen, an expert in the key area of cyber-security and top aide to former Homeland Security chief and now White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

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