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‘I Always Pray’: The Fearless Evangelists Who Risk it all on the China-North Korea Border


There is nowhere more dangerous to be a Christian evangelist than North Korea. We all know of dreadful horrors faced by believers in the oppressive communist nation.

But the persecution of Christians in China is also extremely severe. So, can you imagine trying to spread the message of Jesus Christ on the border between the two nations? It is absolutely treacherous and fraught with peril. Sill, there is a brave group pressing on to get the message of Christ out to these two complex nations.

SEE These FEARLESS Christians Risk Their Lives to Bring the Gospel Into North Korea

Rev Kim Kyou Ho is one of the leaders risking their lives on a daily basis to spread the good news of the gospel. He told Asia News that many of those seeking to engage in evangelism in these regions mysteriously disappear, never to be seen again. Many believe they are kidnapped or assassinated by operatives on both sides of the border.

Another of the missionaries, a Korean-Chinese woman, who desired to remain anonymous, revealed that she is monitored by both the Chinese and North Korean authorities day and night. Despite this terrifying surveillance, she is determined to keep engaging in her work. “I always pray and I’m with God, so I’m not worried,” she said.

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The North Korean government continues to insist that it protects the religious freedom of its 24 million native people. In reality, however, the government is running a brutal campaign of oppression against Christians – labor camp imprisonment, beatings, and even execution. Rev Han Chung-ryeol, a Korean-Chinese pastor, is just one of those who has died under bizarre circumstances while evangelizing. He led a church in the Chinese border town of Changbai before he was brutally axed to death in April 2016.

Despite the horror of losing their leader in such gruesome circumstances, Han’s congregation are standing strong – boldly proclaiming the gospel at every opportunity possible. A banner hangs on the front gate of their church in Changbai declaring: “Martyr and pastor, Han Chung-ryeol is our pride!”

Continue to pray for these bold followers of Jesus.

(H/T: Asia News)

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