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The Overthrow of Roe v. Wade on the Horizon? What Kennedy's Retirement Means for the Pro-Life Cause


The overthrow of Roe v. Wade could be near, according to Americans United for Life President Catherine Glenn Foster.
"Think about Dred Scott; think about separate but equal… all of these really shameful decisions in our nation's history and I believe that one day we're going to see Roe in that same list," she predicted.

In the wake of Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement announcement, Foster describes the justice as hostile towards the pro-life agenda.

"For his 25 years on the US Supreme Court, he has been a reliable pro-abortion vote, he's been the swing vote and he has strongly affirmed the First Amendment, the free speech rights, including pro-life free speech rights, pregnancy resource centers, sidewalk counselors," Foster said.

"But when it comes to abortion, when it comes to the very heart of that battle over human life, he has not been reliable and, in fact, has voted to uphold the deeply flawed reasoning of Roe v. Wade," she charged.

Foster credits President Donald Trump with her optimism towards a conservative majority on the high court. 

"President Trump has done a very good job during his time as president of nominating conservative constitutional originalists and textualists to the bench," she said.

She continued, "Justice (Neil) Gorsuch is a shining example of an excellent jurist – someone who even having written a book on assisted suicide strongly advocating for the right to life, life at all stages, was able to get through the confirmation process."

Foster believes that Gorsuch is an implication of future seats to be filled. 

"You know, obviously, we have heard now that President Trump is planning to nominate a justice from his short list that he had put out, and so we're expecting someone from that list," she told CBN News.

"There are a number of very strong, dedicated, conservative constitutional originalist, textualists who have the proper view of our nation's Constitution as the highest authority in our nation and our nation's courts," Foster said.

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