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Kemp Leads Over Abrams in Georgia Governor Race


Republican Brian Kemp has an 8-point lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams in the battle in a gubernatorial race that could make history. 

 Kemp is beating Abrams 53.2-45.8. 

Abrams is fighting to be the first black woman in American history to be elected governor in any state.

While Georgia has consistently elected a Republican governor since 2002, many polls show the race between Kemp and Abrams as a toss-up. Georgia law requires a majority to win, so if neither candidate can secure 50 percent support, the ballot could yield a Dec. 4 runoff. Voter turnout will be a deciding factor in this race. 

Abrams is a 44-year-old Atlanta attorney and former minority leader of the state's House of Representatives. 

Kemp is a 54-businessman and current Georgia secretary of state. 

Both candidates are divided heavily on policy lines. One of the biggest issues is health care. Abrams wants to expand Medicaid, Kemp wants to maintain Georgia's refusal and boost rural hospitals.

Kemp supports private school vouchers and school choice while Abrams opposes it.

When it comes to social justice reform, Kemp prioritizes law-and-order while Abrams focuses on rehabilitating non-violent offenders and argues that cash bail is unfair to poor defendants.

Abrams is running as an outspoken liberal candidate who also favors gun control and abortion. 

Kemp labels Abrams as an extreme leftist with backing from "socialists" who, he says, "want to turn Georgia into California."

Meanwhile, Abrams says Kemp is "an architect of voter suppression" for the way he enforces federal and state election laws. 

Both candidates have had high profile party leaders stump for them. Former President Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey rallied support for Abrams last week. Trump stumped for Kemp Sunday at a rally drew thousands. 

The president won Georgia in the 2016 election but flipping a GOP stronghold like Georgia could open up a new battleground ahead of 2020.

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