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'She Wants to Get Out and Preach and Preach and Preach': Will Graham Seeks Prayer for Aunt Anne Graham Lotz

Will Graham and Anne Graham Lotz (Photo: AP)

Billy Graham's grandson is asking that people pray for his aunt, Anne Graham Lotz, who is completing a final round of chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment this week.

Although Lotz believes God has healed her, Will Graham says his aunt is still dealing with weakness and exhaustion from the difficult treatments.

"She wants to preach. She's a preacher. She wants to get out and preach and preach and preach," he said.

Earlier this month, Lotz shared in a blog post that she believes God has healed her of the deadly disease.

"While praying with my two daughters following my fifth chemo treatment, God seemed to indicate He had healed me. Cleansed me. Removed cancer from me. I pondered in my heart what I believe He had said," she wrote in the Feb. 4  post.

"I began questioning whether or not I should continue chemo if, in fact, I was already healed. The weakness and weariness have been debilitating. The side-effects have been daunting. I did not want to continue treatments if they were unnecessary. One morning I decided to pray specifically, asking God to confirm from His Word whether or not I was to continue chemo treatments if I was already healed," she said.

Just hours after her request for confirmation, her daughter, Rachel-Ruth, paid her a visit and shared with her mother what she had read from 2 Kings 5.

"She related the story of the Syrian general, Naaman, who had leprosy. A little Israelite slave girl told Naaman about Elisha, a man of God, who could heal him. When Naaman sought Elisha, he was told, 'Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan…and you will be cleansed.' (2 Kings 5:10) Naaman resisted, saying that Syria had better rivers than the Jordan. He did not want to submit himself to the 'side effects' of muck and mud. But at his servant's urging, Naaman did dip in the Jordan.  When he came up the seventh time, he was healed! The seventh time!" Lotz explained.

That's when Lotz says she knew she heard from God.

"I could hear the clear whisper of the Spirit, answering my prayer, confirming that I was to continue chemo…my next and last full treatment would be my seventh time! So as much as I resist the 'muck and mud,' in obedience to God's leading to complete the seventh infusion on February 14, I am committed to seeing these treatments through to the end," she concluded.

Meanwhile, her nephew is asking believers to keep Lotz in prayer.

"She's just worn out right now, and so just pray as God heals her body, she'll get her strength back and get back on the road and tell more people about Christ," he said.

Graham has just arrived in Manila for a three-night festival. He'll be preaching from the same venue once occupied by his late grandfather, Billy, in 1957 and later by his father, Franklin, in 2006.    

GMA News reports Graham will be attending the Metro Manila Celebration at Quirino Grandstand from Feb. 15 to 17.

"I love meeting the Filipino people... wherever I go they're always a blessing to me..." Graham said. "What I'm looking forward the most, above all else, is seeing lives change. This is what I'm excited about."

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