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'God! You Can Restore': Medical Journal Publishes Case of Blind Woman Healed Instantly by Husband's Prayer

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A medical journal has published the case of a woman who was blinded for 13 years and who was instantly healed by her husband's prayer.

The journal Science Direct reports the woman was declared legally blind in both eyes in 1972 when she was diagnosed with macular degeneration. She used a cane in order to get around and also learned how to read Braille. 

Then something supernatural happened. Her husband prayed an intercessory prayer for her before they went to bed one evening. She said they both began to cry as he prayed. 

"Oh, God! You can restore (...) eyesight tonight, Lord. I know You can do it! And I pray You will do it tonight," her husband prayed.

After the prayer had ended, the woman opened her eyes and saw her husband kneeling in front of her. She said it was the first time her vision has been clear after almost 13 years of blindness, according to Science Direct

"What people need to understand is 'I was blind', totally blind, and attended the School for the Blind. I read Braille and walked with a white cane. Never had I seen my husband or daughter's face. I was blind when my husband prayed for me - then just like that - in a moment, after years of darkness I could see perfectly!" the woman said. "It was miraculous! My daughter's picture was on the dresser. I could see what my little girl and husband looked like, I could see the floor, the steps. Within seconds, my life had drastically changed. I could see, I could see!"

The couple did not believe in spiritual gifts and had never heard of anyone receiving miraculous healing in the present day. 

"The only healings we knew about were in the Bible," the woman told researchers.

But the couple and their church say the healing is a gift from God. 

The case study notes, "To date, her eyesight has remained intact for 47 years with only common age-related eye problems since the healing."

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