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'We’re Watching a Coup Attempt in Process': The Dangers that Could Bring America Down from Within

Protester burns an American flag outside the US Courthouse on July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
Protester burns an American flag outside the US Courthouse on July 20, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

One Christian author thinks the current divides in the U.S. are so deep and so toxic, the country is now in more danger than it’s ever been. He’s Alex McFarland and the book is The Assault on America: How to Defend Our Nation Before It’s Too Late.

McFarland is a Christian apologist – or defender of the faith – so tends to see things through a spiritual lens.   

“Most of our problems stem from spiritual issues, and what we call the loss of natural law – that is, any sense of moral boundaries,” he told CBN News.

‘An International Attempt to Suppress Moral Knowledge’

The author writes in The Assault on America, “The 21st century is different from all other generations, at least in this way – we are living in the first era of an international attempt to suppress moral knowledge.  I refer to the widespread cultural abandonment of belief in “natural law.”

He continues, “In the classroom, through the media, in our entertainment, and via rigidly enforced corporate policies, accommodation of clear moral truth is being squelched with unrelenting pressure.”

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Much of the book is spent on such dire warnings, but McFarland insisted, “Also, we convey the message that every person can make a difference. Every vote counts, every person really mindful of God and country can make a positive difference.”

In The Assault on America, McFarland backs up the idea that voting is a godly duty, writing, “The precedent of choosing godly, representative leaders goes all the way back to the Old Testament.  God told Israel to ‘Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads.’”   

Such passages in the book led McFarland to say, “While we do give some pretty sobering critiques of where we are culturally and spiritually, ultimately it’s a message of hope – that God can change our nation and it can begin through each one of us.”

‘We’re Watching a Coup Attempt in Process’

The worst danger comes not from enemies outside America’s borders, but from enemies within.

“I’m absolutely concerned that we’re watching a coup attempt in process,” McFarland stated.  “I honestly believe that we are in a state of war.   And there are people who want the U.S. Constitution to fall, all our civil liberties given by God to be gone.  And so I will say this: that I believe we are in the most tenuous position our country has ever faced since the American Revolution.”

If these forces could bring down America’s capitalist, free-market society, McFarland believes they’d clamp-on systems that would bring darkness, depression, and decrepitude in its place.

Juggernauts Arm-Wrestling

“The people who have a vested interest in the fall of the American Constitution want to replace our representative republic, our moral Judeo-Christian capitalist society…they want to replace it with secular communism.  On the political-economic side, they want communism,” the author said.  “And they want 330 to 350 million Americans that they can control, exploit, and basically financially and spiritually soak the life out of this nation.”

He continued, “There are two juggernauts arm-wrestling for the future of America: the iron fist of state-ism and communism and the iron sword of Sharia.  One thing and one thing only is sufficient to hold these two forces at bay.  And that’s a Judeo-Christian worldview.”

That world view is based on the belief that there is a true and objective reality, created by the only true God.   But those gaining more and more levers of power in our culture insist truth is relative, reality is what’s real for you, and there might well be many gods if indeed there are any.

Is There Really a Real Reality?  Or is It All Relative?

“We’re living in a time when people believe that they can make their own reality.  People who are genetic males or genetic females believe merely by their mind, they can ‘identify’ and change reality.   And what’s so dangerous is we’ve seen decades where feelings trump scripture and feelings trump spiritual reality.  But now we’re letting feelings and emotions even trump science,” McFarland explained.

“We are in the process of throwing away centuries of human history, moral boundaries, and the basis for Western civilization because for 40 years, coalitions of activists have been dictating how things should be,” McFarland writes in The Assault on America.

This is an era when Christian bakers, florists, coaches, and many others have been hounded for their beliefs, but the author writes  those beliefs, “…are right in line with 2,000 years of biblical Christianity.”

Were All These People ‘Haters?’

He continues that such beliefs, “…were also held by the likes of Augustine, Aquinas, Pilgrim William Bradford, the framers of our Constitution, the author of the First Amendment, C.S. Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and the late Rev. Billy Graham, to name but a few.  Were all these leaders “haters” or “phobic?”

“We’ve watched so many dominoes fall – gay marriage and now transgenderism treated as an ethnicity – and there are people advocating for, really, the molestation of children,” the author exclaimed.  “Because people identify as…pedophilia is their orientation.   And there are serious academics writing papers on why we should be okay with this.”   

Such a time has been coming towards America for decades.

“Now it all began with abortion on demand. When we cut ourselves loose from the belief that human life is sacred, every other moral domino began to fall,” McFarland asserted.  

The Spiral Down to a Culture’s Death

And that led him to write, “Cambridge anthropologist Joseph Unwin (1895-1936) is frequently cited by those concerned that the West’s loss of morality points to a future of anarchy and lawlessness. Unwin is most famous for his 1934 work, Sex and Culture, that concluded the stability of a nation is directly tied to the degree of moral and sexual restraint present. 

“Observation of diverse civilizations throughout 5,000 years of history led Unwin to posit that a common cycle manifests itself in societies: Moral restraint leads to prosperity, but prosperity leads to decadence. Decadence and sexual license ultimately unravel the structure, stability, and prosperity that years of discipline had accomplished. Unwin believed that when moral decadence became dominant in a people, an irrevocable tipping point had been passed. The culture would die.” 

Is America the New Nineveh?

In The Assault on America, McFarland posits the U.S. is like Nineveh before Jonah arrived, so pagan and immoral as to soon face harsh judgment from God.   But, America could – just like Nineveh – turn and be saved.

He writes, “Perhaps America will quickly decimate, as Joseph Unwin’s model predicts. Perhaps our nation will experience a recovery of moral awareness and a thirst for truth. It will take the Holy Spirit of God to initiate this. Are you willing to play a role?” 

McFarland told CBN News, “I would just encourage people…and it’s got to be ministers and clergy that lead out on this…that all people need to courageously say ‘look, God is still God, truth is still truth, right is still right and wrong is still wrong.   The future of our country, the preservation of America depends on us rediscovering and restoring belief in God and morality.”

A key paragraph in McFarland’s book says, “If America is to be saved from extinction, we must rediscover the source of all life, and who the Founders said made possible our pursuit of happiness: God. Our Founders predicated everything we’ve enjoyed on the reality of moral truth and on each person’s accountability before God. We’d better rediscover these things—and fast. We need a growing number of authority figures who are willing to talk openly and honestly about the bedrock values we were once proud to proclaim. This should begin with leaders in American homes, churches, classrooms, and in Washington. Christianity, if promoted and embraced, will surely preserve this nation from threats within and without. How do I know this? Because for more than 200 years, it did.”

This story was originally published on September 17, 2020.

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