Christian View: The 700 Club Testimonies


At 7 years old, Michael was abused by a church staffer. This trauma led him to pursue a gay lifestyle, become a drug addict, and he was soon diagnosed with HIV. Desperate for freedom, he cried out to God for help.


Robert searched for acceptance through gay relationships and drugs. Sick and abused, he finally met a kind family who discipled him and showed him the love he needed.


Monica willfully left her husband and family to engage in a homosexual lifestyle. God never abandoned her and He was there with open arms when she decided to return to Him.


He was a dental student by day and a drug seller at night. After the police raided his home, Christopher Yuan had a choice to make.


He suffered unthinkable abuse at the hands of his own father. It led to a double life and a shameful secret.


Her attraction to the dark side was a cover-up for her internal struggles with homosexuality and depression.


She was molested as a child, raped as a woman and nearly died in a drug overdose. Jesus's love was the only thing that broke through her bitterness.


He knew he was gay from a young age, and soon began sleeping with men for money. However, God had a different plan for Nathanael Flock.


Janet Boynes turned her back on God and lived a homosexual lifestyle for 14 years until an encounter in a grocery store parking lot led her back.


After his father left his family, AJ longed for male acceptance and found it in all the wrong places.


She was a lesbian entrenched in the gay community. She thought Christians would shun her, but she was wrong and that love changed her life.


Molested as a young child, Dianne hated men and herself. After abusing drugs, falling into several lesbian relationships, and attempting suicide, Dianne eventually found Jesus Christ. Today, she is completely set free from her past gay lifestyle and is happily married.


Brenda was sexually molested as a child which led to sexual confusion and lesbianism. Ultimately, through reading scripture and godly counsel, Brenda was freed from her alternate lifestyle. She is now a minister and speaker.


Susan was a young Jewish girl, when she married her best friend. She had no idea that her husband was also gay. Susan tried to live with Jeremy's homosexual lifestyle, until devastating news came.

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