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UK School Children Being 'Indoctrinated' to Promote Homosexuality


Children across the United Kingdom are learning about LGBT acceptance in school, a move some are calling indoctrination. 

Many U.K. schools are hosting an event called Diversity Week, an effort to promote acceptance of the LGBT community among children aged 7 to 18. The event organizers, Just Like Us, say they "aim to empower and support young LGBTQ+ people to become active agents of change in making schools LGBTQ+ friendly places." 

Most of the week is spent addressing issues like the LGBT suicide rate, bullying, and rejection.

But some Christians are concerned the campaign is promoting a lifestyle that contradicts biblical values.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, believes the campaign will do more harm than good. She says topics related to sexuality and marriage should be left up to parents to address.

"When we're thinking of addressing the issue from the age of 7, I think that is far too young to be talking to our children about such issues," Williams told Channel 5 News. "The parents are the ones that need to be introducing these concepts to the children."

"What is being celebrated here is really the indoctrination of something, of a lifestyle," she added. 

Williams also made sure to clarify that as a Christian she can still be against bullying in the LGBTQ community while still promoting traditional marriage. 

"I think it is true to say, of course as human beings, as the Christian teachings would say that each one of us is beautifully and wonderfully made, and that we should embrace one another," she said. "But that doesn't mean we have to necessarily accept and place central to our education this idea that all lifestyles are equivalent and that all lifestyles bring equal good."

"Of course we are against bullying of any kind," Williams said. "But what we need to be doing is promoting this beautiful model of marriage between a man and a woman," Williams concluded. 

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