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ISIS Attacks in Egypt Could Spark Massive Harvest of Souls


The violent bloodshed of Egyptian Christians at the hands of radical Muslims in recent days has sent shock waves throughout the country.
Two bombings on Palm Sunday and a recent attack on a church bus full of Christian families left dozens dead. While their murders are tragic, many suspect Egypt is about to experience a great harvest of souls. 

A field leader from the global persecution watchdog Open Doors, says that while the church hasn't recovered from the recent violence, there is no greater time for the Gospel to spread. 

"We have not recovered," the leader says. "However, after each attack, we've had the opportunity to speak out in the media and to testify about the gospel message of love and forgiveness in the face of evil."

After the horrific Palm Sunday attack, one of Egypt's biggest new outlets aired a two-hour interview with a priest and pastor about the power of the Gospel. The focus of the program was on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and why persecuted Christians choose to forgive their oppressors.

 "This kind of forgiveness is jaw-dropping to the Muslim community," the leader says. "God is revealing His love to the people of Egypt. Pain and agony are like seeds—growing up through the soil of our country to produce the fruit of the Gospel. God is using these events—that Satan meant for destruction—as the greatest gospel platform in Egypt's history."

The leader also called for the Eastern church and the Western Church to unite in prayer for the cause of Christ. 

"There is one Church, and we need to work together, to join hands. It's not about money. It not about the poor church in Egypt and the wealthy church in the West. It's about walking this journey together...Please pray for the church of Egypt, as we take one attack after the other with deep pain. May the Lord have mercy on Egypt, and may His light open the dark minds and hearts," the Open Doors representative concluded. 

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