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From Death to New Life: How God Brought Restoration to a Woman Devastated by Suicide


It's early morning in Beijing, and noises of busyness fill the air. Commuters enjoy hearing the voice of popular radio personality Liu Shan. 

Liu Shan has hosted her talk show for many years. It has become a favorite of locals. 

"Every day, there are many exciting moments at work. My job gives me the opportunities to talk to the listeners and feel the energy in Beijing. I have been doing this job for a while," she told CBN News. 

Unknown to her listeners, when her show ended each day, she stepped away from the microphone, away from her cheerful personality, and went home to a life of despair. 

When her son was young, she separated from her husband and cared for the boy alone. No one could understand the separation she felt. Liu felt lonely and hopeless.

However, Liu did her best to provide love and warmth to her son. Very often, after work each night, she rushed home to be with him. 

"I came home one night, my son ran to me and burst into tears. My son begged me not to leave him alone any more. I cried and told him I would never leave him alone. Mom is always here for him."

She did not know about her son's thoughts of depression and suicide that began after he started college. 

One day, Liu Shan received the most devastating news of her life. 

Her son had killed himself. 

Life had finally knocked Liu down. After experiencing her son's death, she fell ill for months. She couldn't walk; she felt hopeless and unhappy. An atheist for years, Liu didn't expect life to get any better.  

A Christian friend reached out to Liu Shan and gave her a church video to watch. After watching and hearing encouraging words from the pastor, Liu Shan began experienced something she has never felt before – the Love and hope of Jesus Christ.

Liu Shan said she immediately got on her knees to pray for God to accept her. Even though she lost everything that initially mattered to her on earth, she realized Jesus Christ had more for her in Heaven. She was determined to follow Jesus for a better life and a greater future.

Since then, Liu Shan has lived a different life. She began regularly attending church services with her friends. Reading and studying the Bible helped her to realize the meaning of sin and how to live a life of true joy.

Today, Liu Shan still attends church and plays an important role in the youth ministry. She shares her faith journey with young people struggling with depression and other challenges. 

Liu Shan is grateful for the church and her Christian friends. 

"Although I lost my own son, God gave me many more children who are equally important to me today. They all call me mom. And I am so blessed."

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