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A Breakthrough for Churches in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has made a deal with the Vatican to allow churches for Christian worshippers, according to an Egyptian English-language website. 
The Egypt Independent reports the agreement between Roman Catholic Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran and Mohammed bin Abdel Karim Al-Issa of the Muslim World League.
The claim that churches will be built in Saudi Arabia has not been confirmed by the Vatican or Saudi authorities.
The newspaper reports the cardinal visited Saudi Arabia this year and met the royal family, urging the Saudi rulers to extend promised democratic reforms to include freedom of religion.
There are no Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia allows Christians to enter the country as foreign workers for temporary work, but does not allow them to practice their faith openly.
The young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has already unleashed an historic reform effort that includes emancipating women, introducing music and cinema and cracking down on corruption.

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