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'I'm Worried She Won't Survive:' Rand Paul Asks Trump to Help Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi as UK Slams Door


Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi remains in hiding after being cleared of the false charges she was facing, and her life is still in grave danger.  

The Christian woman was recently acquitted after eight years on death row, accused of blasphemy for allegedly insulting Islam's founder Muhammad. 

Her release sparked numerous protests throughout the Islamic country with many calling for the mother of five to be publicly hanged.  

Her family has been seeking sanctuary.

Her husband Ashiq Masih, fearing for his family's safety, requested the prime minister of the UK to step in and negotiate for the family's freedom.  He has also called on Canadian and US leaders for help, according to the BBC.  

Masih told German broadcaster DW that "he and his family were frightened" after Pakistan's government brokered a deal with the hardline Tehreek-i-Labaik Party (TLP) in order to end protests over Asia Bibi's acquittal.

"The agreement has sent a shiver down my spine," Masih said. "My family is frightened; my relatives are frightened, and my friends are also frightened."

But the UK has denied asylum for the recently acquitted woman amid concerns of unrest and possible attacks on its embassies.

"This is shocking. Britain has historically had a quick response to come to the aid of those suffering human rights abuses," Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), told Fox News. "But a Christian mother of five who has been exonerated has not been offered asylum."

Others are also speaking out against Britain's decision to turn Bibi away. 

"This is a case that I have worked on passionately since 2012...to ensure that justice is done which was handed down by the Pakistan Supreme Court only recently," wrote the Conservative Party's former vice chairman Rehman Chisti.  

"What I found shocking, is that the British Government is failing to put into practice the core values that our country stands for; religious freedom, justice, morally doing the right thing, and that when we see injustice where an individual's life is in clear danger and they have been persecuted for their faith, we do all we can to help them."

"The government should not wait to see if another country offers sanctuary, we should have had the conviction to lead on this matter and offer sanctuary ourselves straight away," he said.

Here in the US, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has asked President Trump to grant asylum to Bibi.

"I've asked President Trump to personally intervene and to urge the Pakistani government to release Asia Bibi to the United States," Paul said in an exclusive article for Breitbart.

"I've been trying to fight for Asia Bibi for years now.  I spoke about her in speeches starting in 2012.  I wrote about her in op-eds and in one of my books," he added.

Paul suggested that "Pakistan should not receive a penny of US aid! Not one penny should go to any nation that persecutes or kills Christians!"

He said he fears for Bibi's life.

"They will probably convict her again," Paul told CNN.  "And if she goes through all of that - she has already spent eight years in prison on death row, which has to be a horrific experience - I'm worried she won't survive."

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