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'I Don't Know Where to Turn': Operation Blessing Teams Bring Aid, Hope to Indonesia Quake Survivors


PALU, Indonesia –Two weeks have passed since a killer quake and tsunami struck central Sulawesi in Indonesia. Tremors are still hitting the area and many people are still living in tents for fear it will happen again.

Despite the dangers, however, CBN and Operation Blessing teams are there to provide aid and hope to survivors.

One of the many tragic stories includes that of Fatna, who now must raise her four sons alone. Her husband died during the earthquake when the building where he worked collapsed on him.

"It is only my husband who is providing for our needs because I stay at home. Now that he's dead, I don't know where to turn to," she said.

Fatna is only one among tens of thousands affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Many lost loved ones, homes and now live uncomfortably in makeshift tents.

According to community leader, Abdul Latief, food and clean water are desperately needed in the refugee camps. "We drink the water from the river even if we are not sure that it is clean," he explained. "That can be the reason why children here get sick with diarrhea."

An Operation Blessing team traveled to Fatna's village to teach them how to purify water.

"They just get water from any source. We brought this system that produces chlorine that can kill any bacteria that can bring sickness from the water," explained Diego Traverso, director of International Disaster Relief for Operation Blessing.

"We try to do our best to support them at this hard time," he continued. "Operation Blessing is bringing them food because the people are running out of food. Medical teams treat an average of 200 to 300 patients daily providing medicine, care – even prayer for the people."

One business strip that used to be very busy, filled with coffee shops and stores, is now littered with buildings flattened by the earthquake and the tsunami.

It will likely take several months before the city can recover. And this is why Operation Blessing will continue with its rehabilitation programs to help survivors get back to their normal lives.

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