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How to Make Sure You Don't Hinder the Coming Global Revival: 'Every Believer Is Called to Shine'


A number of evangelical leaders have prophesied a coming worldwide revival, saving a billion souls. The key to success will be the unique circumstance of congregations, not preachers, doing most of the ministry. 

Just outside Toronto where the revival known as the Toronto Blessing began in the mid-1990s, they've been praying for this coming global revival and preparing people so they don't miss out on or hinder it.

When the wildly successful evangelist Billy Graham passed away, many Christian leaders said that his mission to reach the unsaved would fall on a multitude of believers rather than an individual.

We're Made to Show Jesus, 'To Carry Glory'

That’s important because it will take all hands on deck to actually achieve a truly worldwide revival. And Iris Global ministry's Heidi Baker – who’s launched thousands of churches – says that’s what we’re made for: showing this Jesus who’s in us.

She told CBN News, “Every stay-at-home mom, every doctor, lawyer, king, priest, football player, entrepreneur, driver, street sweeper, cook, chef…we’re all called to carry glory.”

Jeri Hill, the widow of the Brownsville Revival's Steve Hill, has had an up-close view of what happens when God moves massively.

She said, “We’re broken and we needed to be restored. And then we get filled with Him. And we need to spread it…and pour it out to others: that there's life, hope, joy, peace in the Holy Spirit.

Purge Away Everything that Keeps You from Displaying God's Love

If that doesn’t happen, the multitude could miss and hamper this coming revival.

“We want to be like Jesus. We want to get as close to the Lord as we can. Let Him purge away our fleshliness and our aggressiveness and our obnoxiousness and our self-righteousness and our hypocrisy," said Michael Brown of Ask Dr. Brown Ministries. “So that there’s something of God’s love that really shines through us. Talk is cheap. If people cut us, we should bleed love.”

And especially in this COVID environment, most of this revival will probably take place outside church walls. That means right where you live, work, and touch others.

How Can There Be Revival Everywhere? Shine Everywhere

“If two, three, four people gather together in a company, there comes Holy Spirit," Baker stated. “If you’re full of Jesus, and you know Daddy loves you, then you’re not afraid to shine anywhere.”

And Brown says that means getting real about the fact there’s a heaven AND a hell, so that you can help keep people out of that hell.

”Do we believe in eternal consequences for accepting or rejecting the message?" Brown asked. "Those are the real issues. And if we really believe, then love will compel us. And, yes, it’s the most unloving thing to know that our neighbor…the pardon has been paid, but he’s going to perish without it because we didn’t tell him.”

'Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Testimony'

Baker urged, “Just come together and love Jesus. And then shine. Don’t be afraid to share your testimony.” Because it's easy to reject a position, but not so easy to reject personal experience.

One church or denomination certainly can’t handle a true global revival – and that’s why it’s key that Christians allow their faith and tolerance for other brands of believers to be stretched.

John Arnott helped lead the interdenominational Toronto Blessing that revived millions from all over the world and across denominations. He suggests that people be less judgmental and accept that the God of the universe doesn’t have to do things their way.

God: 'He's Always Doing Something New!'

“You cannot make your mind and your current experience the final arbitrator of whether something is God or not.  Because He's always doing something new!" Arnott insisted. 

He added, “I think we need to have the common sense to realize that God is a lot bigger than we are. And therefore He’s going to do things we don’t understand. So when He does things we don’t understand, you don’t automatically reject it.”

Still, many Christians did reject and attack the Toronto Blessing.

Arnott admits it was hard at times not to be hurt by the criticisms and accusations. He'd then think of what Jesus Christ had to put up with as He did signs and wonders.

'Even Jesus Couldn't Please Everybody'

"The more Jesus did those kinds of miracles, the more they persecuted him," Arnott said.   

And there was a time God had some one-on-one guidance for him about this. Arnott recalled, “One day, He said, ‘John, even Jesus couldn’t please everybody.  Don’t worry about it.  Just keep going.’”

So if believers become open-minded, cleansed of their sin, and filled with God’s love, only one hurdle remains for these people of faith.

Stop Making Excuses: 'Every Believer Is Called to Shine'

“Stop making excuses for why God can’t use them!" Baker exclaimed. “Don’t wiggle out of it.  Every believer is called to shine.  Every believer is called to share.”

Then remember you have to let go and let God, trusting He’ll do the work through you and others in Christ.

Arnott urged people to remember just how great God is, saying, “You need to have a God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or think."

These charismatic leaders gathered in Toronto collectively say, "Don’t let yourself miss out.  Don’t be a benchwarmer, don’t make excuses.  Don’t let unbelief knock you out of changing the world."

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