It’s among the Ivy Leagues and named after Puritan clergyman John Harvard; but even the oldest institution of higher learning in the US and one of the most prestigious in the world isn’t exempt from secular influence. Over the last few centuries, Harvard Law School has endorsed secular ideologies rather than clinging to its biblical foundations. CBN News Reporter Mark Martin talked to a few students on campus about what it’s like to be a Christian law student at Harvard, and their answers may surprise you. He is on today’s episode to share their surprising experiences.


This week, the US Senate approved another 40 billion dollars in military and economic aid to Ukraine on the same day the prime ministers of Finland and Sweden came to the White House for a trilateral meeting with President Biden. Those two nations, long on the sidelines of NATO’s decades-long standoff with Russia, are asking to join the organization in response to Putin’s war in Ukraine. CBN News’ George Thomas is back stateside after covering the first few months of this war for CBN News, and he joins The Rundown to tell us what he saw, how Ukrainian Christians are responding, and what’s next.

Also, what is "The Metaverse?" It is a concept that has been growing in popularity over the last few months, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is going all-in on the idea. CBN's Faith Nation anchor John Jessup recently traveled to Oklahoma and visited a church that is using the metaverse to reach unbelievers. He joins the show to discuss what he found.


A Biblical worldview is no longer commonplace in America. According to a new study by Dr. George Barna, the majority of millennial-aged moms and dads lack a Biblically-founded faith that they can pass on to their children. CBN News Correspondent Brody Carter is on today’s episode to talk about how this could hinder the spiritual development of the next generation and what parents should do to impact culture for Christ - starting with their own children.


Tragic shootings over the weekend left multiple people dead and several wounded in Buffalo, NY and California. Churchgoers managed to stop a gunman while he reloaded and tied him up with an extension cord. Almost immediately, politics took center stage. 


The big story in Washington, DC this week remains that leaked first draft of an opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in which it appears a majority of justices will vote to overturn Roe v Wade later this summer, a bombshell revelation that is sending shockwaves throughout the country. In Washington, pro abortion rights activists protested in front of the homes of conservative justices whose addresses were made public, and someone threw a molotov cocktail into the office of Wisconsin Family Action, a pro-life activist group, an act the White House is condemning. On Wednesday, the Senate will take up legislation that would codify Roe v Wade, and both parties are reexamining the midterm elections with the abortion issue suddenly front and center. Frequent CBN News Faith Nation guest and U.S. Politics and Campaign Reporter for the Hill, Julia Manchester, joins the Rundown to discuss all angles of this story. 


The crisis at the southern border is growing. Last year marked the highest on record for illegal border crossings, and there have been 221,000 encounters with border crossers in just the last month. Instead of tackling the surging problem though, the Biden administration is focused on creating a new so-called “Disinformation Governance Board” that critics are saying is reminiscent of George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.” CBN News Senior International Correspondent Gary Lane has the details on today’s episode.



Former President Donald Trump speaks to CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody about a wide range of issues, including Disney's recent activism, the Roe v. Wade leaked decision draft, and more. We also discuss what life after a possible fall of Roe v. Wade looks like. 


Nearly two million students left public schools between 2020 and 2021, and the reason why is found in where they are going. With large numbers now enrolled in Christian education, one church in Northern Virginia is answering the need by starting a Christian school of their own. CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent Tara Mergener talked to the pastor and is on today’s episode to share about the shift in schooling he calls a “necessity.” 


The COVID-19 pandemic caught everyone off guard when it swept across the world two years ago, and the loss of life has been tragic and overwhelming. As of Friday morning, Johns Hopkins University says more than 6.2 million people around the world have died of COVID, with just shy of a million dying here in the United States. The pandemic, as well as Russia's invasion in Ukraine raises a question. How well would the US respond to a biological attack should one be launched against us? Would we be ready? National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke reported on this for CBN News this week, and she joined The Daily Rundown to discuss her story.


A staff meeting leaked onto social media reveals Amazon employees in despair over the fact a conservative commentator's book rose to number one in the LGBT category. Success of Matt Walsh's book "Johnny the Walrus" sparked outrage among staffers and they discussed what could be done about the "problem". Atheists try to remove the Bible from schools, and an A-list actress who was raised as a Christian discusses her move to the occult. These stories and more on today's podcast.