A stunning new survey uncovers what Iranians believe about Islam, how they feel about their government, and that a number of them have turned to Christ.

CBN's International Correspondent George Thomas joined the rundown earlier this summer to share why more Iranians are turning from Islam and embracing Christianity.



While rioters rioted and assaulted police officers in the wake of the Breonna Taylor ruling, Christians in Idaho were peacefully singing hymns in protest of an extension of a mask mandate into January 2021. Shockingly, several of these Christians were arrested, a scene that struck many as disturbing considering the conduct displayed by rioters across the country. Faithwire and CBN writer Tré Goins-Phillips joins the Daily Rundown with the story.


There's a move of God happening in our country right now. 

Worship, praise, baptism, and even healings are exploding in cities across the country. 

The "Let Us Worship" events led by Sean Feucht and "Riots to Revivals" led by Dr. Charles Karuku are just a few that are happening in states like California, Massachusetts, Florida, and soon Washington D.C. 

CBN News' Digital Producer Andrea Morris has been covering this movement the moment it all started and she's on today's episode to share how she finds inspiration in telling these stories. 

"I think they are yearning for hope and I think, for me, that is something that I get out of writing these stories," she said. "I'll be honest, I get emotional when I am watching these videos...it's absolutely beautiful what is happening at these events."


The Department of Justice is taking action against cities it says are not protecting citizens from destructive protests and criminal behavior. 

Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and New York City are on the DOJ's list as jurisdictions where the local government is "permitting anarchy, violence, and destruction."

The designation could result in the loss of federal funds and tougher penalties, including federal charges for individuals. 

Senior Reporter Gary Lane has spoken with cultural and political experts about what has been leading up to this and he is on today's episode to break it down. 


With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week, politicians wasted little time gearing up for the battle to fill the open vacancy on the highest court in the land. CBN Senior Correspondent Paul Strand joins the rundown to talk about potential nominees, political ramifications, who is being hypocritical and who isn't, and more. 


The coronavirus continues to impact our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined. 

CBN News has learned that it is now a driving factor behind a 93 percent increase in the number of children sexually solicited online. 

The recent arrest of Jerry Harris, star of Netflix's cheer, who is accused of producing child pornography, only confirms those chilling statistics. 

So what can parents do to protect their children?

CBN's Health Reporter Lorie Johnson is on today's episode explaining how parents can be proactive and help their children avoid predators. 


Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Watson and other prominent voices are speaking out with urgency about the Christian persecution rampant in places like Nigeria and Egypt. President Trump has frequently championed issues of importance for Christians and now many are calling on the President to lead the globe in helping our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering. 

CBN News Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane joins the Rundown to report.


Wildfires have raged through California and the west coast, destroying thousands of homes and claiming dozens of lives. Amid the fires are stories of tragedy and hope - from the citizens selflessly volunteering resources and time to stop the fires, to the man who helped a stranger so badly burned he didn't even realize it was his own wife. CBN contributor Chuck Holton reported live from the fires and has the story. 


Today marks a major turning point in the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at the White House to sign a monumental peace deal with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. 

President Trump said Tuesday that it was part of a broader plan to ultimately broker peace between Israel and Palestine, but is this the best tactic?

CBN Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl weighs in. 

"The Palestinians are a whole other ball game," she said. "For years, their battle cry was 'we're going to throw the Jews into the sea' and they were going to get rid of Israel altogether and there are those among them that still want to do that. So the idea of peace with the Palestinians becomes a little more dicey."


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is joining the fray of politicians condemning the controversial film “Cuties,” which debuted on Netflix last week. Gabbard called the French movie “child porn,” adding its contents “will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles [and] help fuel the child sex trafficking trade. Meanwhile, some are speaking out to defend the film, saying it's making an important point. Faithwire's Tré Goins-Phillips has been covering the story from the beginning and joins the rundown to explain.