Israeli teenagers helping at an archaeological site have uncovered a rare find. They came upon a collection of gold coins that are more than 1,000 years old. CBN's Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl is on today's rundown explaining the history behind this ancient discovery and how it confirms biblical events. 

"I personally think that God is allowing all of these things to be uncovered at this time because He really wants people to understand that His Word is true," Julie said. "These aren't fairy tales. There are things that really indicate that the Bible is true."


Late last week, President Trump announced a major development in the fight against Coronavirus, with the FDA approving emergency use of convalescent plasma. CBN Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson joins the Rundown to discuss the implications of this announcement and also provide an update on the overall state of America's fight against this deadly pandemic. 


The Bible tells us children are God's best gift. That's true, however, for many couples, realizing the dream of having a child is a long journey.

CBN News Washington Bureau Chief Dana Ritter has traveled that road which ended in the adoption of her son, "Sometimes it feels like this story is made up but it's actually true and real and we get to live it," she says.

Dana explains what it was like to walk into a hospital room to finally meet her baby, "I felt like I was watching a movie, it didn't feel real that it was happening. I felt like I was watching someone else," she says.

In the midst of her happiness, she explains why she also felt profound grief, "In the midst of feeling so much joy and unbelief that this was really happening to me, looking back at that door that I had just walked into and realizing that she had to walk out of that door without him and the only way that I get to be a mom, his mom, is that she doesn't get to," she recalls through tears.

Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown Dana walks us through her journey to adoption.


Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is set to cap off a week of high profile speeches at the Democratic Convention, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic Biden has only spoken a handful of times in public. The lack of stumping combined with Biden's frequent proclivity for stumbles and gaffes puts the former Vice President the biggest spotlight to date. 

CBN Political Analyst David Brody previews Biden's speech and also discusses Democrats omitting God from the Pledge of Allegiance multiple times throughout the convention.


While the world remains gripped and dealing with riots, protests, racial divide, economic worry, and a global pandemic, LGBT activists continue to forge ahead with their agenda. What are the latest developments and what can Christians expect from Joe Biden on this issue if he's elected President? CBN Correspondent Heather Sells joins the Rundown to explain this and more.


The story of a Lebanese pastor, who listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and saved many lives on the day of a massive explosion in Beirut, is catching a lot of attention on the CBN News web page. 

"I think what I love about this story and the reason that it is trending so well is that people love knowing that we are not alone and that God is so intimately involved in our lives," CBN's Wendy Griffith said. "And I love that the Holy Spirit loves us enough, that he will alert us to danger and in this case, it saved many lives."

Wendy spoke with Pastor Said Deeb about God's simple instruction that saved nearly 300 people and she's on today's episode. 


With the 2020 election looming large, normally raucous and lively conventions will now be conducted in a much different fashion, thanks to COVID-19. The DNC is kicking off this week and CBN's Eric Philips joins the Rundown to discuss the changes and the messaging we can expect to hear from democrats.


It was a good day for Israel and the United Arab Emirates Thursday. The two countries struck a peace deal that many consider a win-win solution.

President Trump called it a  significant step toward a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous Middle East, but the deal could also spark more tensions with Iran. 

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell is on today's episode to share why this agreement represents a major shift in diplomatic relations.


While Pentagon leaders still say ISIS no longer poses the "direct global and U.S. national security threat" it did five years ago, at least one United States General is speaking out about the need for a robust and long-term "de-radicalization" initiative to prevent ISIS from rebuilding once again. CBN Senior International Correspondent George Thomas joins the Rundown to explain.


Can you imagine Saturdays this fall without college football? Well, you might have to depending on who you watch. 

The Big Ten and Pac-12 announced Tuesday the cancellation of all sports competitions through the end of the year because of concerns about playing during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

They are the first of the power five conferences to do so, which means classic matchups like UCLA and USC in the Rose Bowl won't be happening. It's the first time since 1935 that the rivals won't be playing. 

CBN's Sports Director Shawn Brown is on today's Rundown to talk about how all of this is going to shake out.