Millions of people watched the final debate Thursday night between President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The night included a discourse on healthcare, the economy, race, and the pandemic. National security correspondent Eric Philips is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with a debate debrief. 


Election day is quickly approaching and both candidates are focused on key battleground states, especially Pennsylvania, the state that helped put Donald Trump over the edge in 2016. Reporter Jenna Browder recently traveled to the Keystone State to get a sense of the feeling among voters. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


The Department of Homeland Security announced a new joint effort to fight a modern form of slavery. It's called the Center for Countering Human Trafficking and will be a combined effort between multiple agencies to help victims of trafficking, train law enforcement, and raise public awareness. Contributor Chuck Holton recently spoke with members of a special task force in the US Marshalls that are already on the front lines of this fight and making a huge difference. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


The coronavirus has significantly intensified the crisis of children in the foster care system. With the stress many families are experiencing from lost jobs, loss of income, and home-schooling, there is an increase in violence and domestic abuse. This has doubled the number of children put into foster care. Reporter Charlene Aaron spoke with an organization working on the front lines of this crisis. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


After a four week intense lockdown, Israeli officials are again lifting restrictions. With business finally resuming, it's more important than ever to contain the spread of COVID-19. Experts suggest wearing masks, keeping a social distance, and of course, washing your hands. CBN News mid-east correspondent Julie Stahl recently visited an Israeli company that's developed technology that gives you feedback on if your hands are sufficiently clean. After testing it out for herself, Stahl is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with the details.


There's a little-known conflict that's been going on in the Caucasus for decades. Armenia and Azerbaijan are fighting over a small piece of territory, but now an escalation could turn this conflict into an all-out war. CBN News International Correspondent George Thomas spoke with Armenia's president in an exclusive interview. Thomas is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown to explain what's going on and what's at stake. 


Amy Coney Barrett weathered her final day of questioning, Wednesday and now the Senate Judiciary Committee is taking the first steps toward approving her Supreme Court nomination. Democrats tried one last time to have the confirmation process put on indefinite hold, but the motion was shot down. Now, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the votes needed to put Barrett on the High Court are there. Reporter Paul Strand has been following every word of the confirmation hearing, he's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


As election day approaches it's clear this year will be like none other. CBN News chief political analyst David Brody says the results are likely to be disputed regardless of who is declared the winner. Now there's also talk of a nightmare scenario that could very well play out: the House of Representatives could wind up picking the president. Brody explains on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


College student Emily Arant is a talented animator who, until recently, ran a successful animation business. Then, she said "no" to the wrong people. They've now shut down her business and smeared her reputation.

Still, Arant is working to show the love of Christ, even as the hate campaign against her continues. Reporter Heather Sells recently spoke with Arant, she's on today's CBN News Rundown with a look into why this popular animator was blacklisted. 

To check out what Arant is working on now you can visit her Etsy shop here.



The confirmation hearing for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is underway. Republicans are determined to fill the seat held by the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg ahead of the upcoming presidential election, while Democrats dig in their heels in an effort to delay the process. On today's CBN News Daily Rundown DC Bureau Chief Dana Ritter shares how we'll be covering the hearing, what to be on the lookout for, and how the election factors in.