For makeup artist Chanel Abrams, working for CBN News is "a perfect blend of makeup and ministry."

Chanel does makeup and hair for CBN's reporters, anchors, and news guests at the network's Washington Bureau.

"I feel like makeup is my ministry," she says with a smile after a busy morning.

Chanel shares the challenges of her job, makeup tips, and why it's such a blessing to work for a Christian network today on the CBN News Daily Rundown


As unrest and violence rock our nation a spiritual revival is also taking place. Many are coming into the faith and being baptized as a move of God sweeps over parts of the country. 

The Holy Spirit is drawing people to give their lives to Christ from Kenosha, Washington to Massachusetts. 

CBN Reporter Charlene Aaron has been closely following this movement and she believes we are on the precipice of the next great awakening. 


The year 2020 has been marked by pandemics and election year craziness, leaving good news in short supply. The Rundown digs into the vault today to revisit the beautiful adoption story from one of our own, CBN News Washington Bureau Chief Dana Ritter. “Sometimes it feels like this story is made up but it’s actually true and real and we get to live it,” she says. Dana explains what it was like to walk into a hospital room to finally meet her baby, “I felt like I was watching a movie, it didn’t feel real that it was happening. I felt like I was watching someone else."




College campuses have become training camps for radicals and are the source of the rioting in American cities, according to academics and college officials interviewed by CBN News. Senior Reporter Dale Hurd is on the Rundown to break it all down.


A mob drags a pastor from his home, beats him brutally, and then kills him. This is just one example of the horrific violence that is sweeping India.

Why has the nation become one of the top ten most dangerous places to be a Christian?

George Thomas explains this and more on today's episode. 


Alice Johnson spent over two decades behind bars for her part in a drug operation. She'd still be in prison for life if it weren't for the unlikely due of Kim Kardashian West and President Donald Trump. Thanks to their partnership, Alice is now free to tell her amazing story. Faithwire's Tré Goins-Phillips joins the Rundown to discuss Johnson's unwavering faith in the face of trial.


Chokeholds, knees on necks, and no-knock warrants. These are police tactics that can potentially end in death. And while it is important for law enforcement to have an advantage when fighting crime, many are asking if these tactics should be eliminated. 

CBN's National Security Correspondent Eric Philips is on today's rundown explaining what law enforcement officials believe is the best course of action.


Hurricane Laura slammed into the Louisiana coastline as a Category 4 hurricane, and while it didn't bring the massive storm surge expected by some experts, it certainly wreaked a lot of havoc. CBN's Chuck Holton weathered the storm in a high rise office building, whose windows were shattered by the storm. Holton describes the harrowing evening as well as the challenges and needs the people of Louisiana have in the wake of Laura on today's episode of the Daily Rundown.



America's racial divide is a topic that cannot be ignored in today's political climate. 

Each week, news headlines circle back to police-involved shootings, protests, and riots and for those covering the stories, it can be a tough task. 

"You wear a journalistic shield if you will, and you try to hold it together,"  said Efrem Graham. "Whether or not this is happening more frequently, we seem to be covering it more frequently and there are more cameras out there because people are recording it. So we are seeing it more."

"But no matter how dark the situation may seem there is always hope," he continued. "And that hope is in Jesus Christ".

Efrem Graham is on today's rundown on how being a Christian journalist is vital in today's society. 


Israeli teenagers helping at an archaeological site have uncovered a rare find. They came upon a collection of gold coins that are more than 1,000 years old. CBN's Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl is on today's rundown explaining the history behind this ancient discovery and how it confirms biblical events. 

"I personally think that God is allowing all of these things to be uncovered at this time because He really wants people to understand that His Word is true," Julie said. "These aren't fairy tales. There are things that really indicate that the Bible is true."