There are more questions than answers after a deadly explosion ripped through Beirut's port, killing over 100 people and injuring thousands more. People were walking around dazed and confused amidst rubble and dust, creating images bearing an eerie resemblance to the streets of New York City after September 11th, 2001. CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell joins the Rundown with the latest information. 


As President Trump works to lessen the dependence on trade with China, Beijing is busy forming new friendships with Iran, one of America's top enemies.

Gary Lane is on today's episode breaking down how this strategic partnership may prove especially troublesome for the United States.


A United States senator, while discussing the response to Covid-19, called China a 'respectable' nation despite its many human rights abuses, particularly against religious minorities. Senator Dianne Feinstein made the comments during a hearing and added that the communist nation had lifted millions out of poverty. Faithwire and CBN Writer/Editor Tre Goins-Phillips joins the Daily Rundown to discuss China's latest Christian persecution and other human rights abuses.


Churches across the country are grappling with when and how to safely reopen their doors. Some pastors are pushing back on holding regular services until 2021. That's a big change from earlier this year when many thought the coronavirus shutdown would only last a few weeks. Charlene Aaron is on today's episode to explain how some pastors plan to re-open while keeping their congregants safe. 


President Trump stirred debate this morning after taking to social media to criticize "universal mail-in voting" and stating such a process would leave the 2020 election the "most inaccurate and fraudulent" election in history. He even suggested delaying the election until it is "safe" to vote securely and properly. CBN's Gary Lane joins the Daily Rundown to explain the various dangers of mail-in voting, as well as the President's suggestion to delay the election.


The biotech company, Moderna, is about to begin its third and final phase of testing for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Pzifer is close behind, and there is hope that by the end of the year, there will be two or three other vaccines ready for use.

CBN Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson is on today's episode with an update on these developments and more.


 A big question parents have right now is how can students go back to school safely. The latest from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC says children learn best when they are in school.

Some of the biggest public school systems in the country have announced how they will modify classroom learning, but what are parents and experts saying about this?

Heather Sells has been following these developments and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


Israeli officials have been warning of a possible attack from Iranian backed Hezbollah terror groups after taking out a top terror commander in recent weeks. A band of terrorists attempted to infiltrate Israel's northern border with Lebanon, and the terrorists met a swift end at the hands of the IDF. CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell joins the podcast to discuss the attack plus Israel and America's possible involvement in a series of incidents that severely hampered one of Iran's top nuclear facilities. 


Each day roughly 20 military veterans take their lives. It's a number that the Trump administration hopes to tackle with a new prevention approach. Second Lady Karen Pence is heading up the effort and CBN News political correspondent David Brody sat down with her to learn how the faith community will play a crucial role in the initiative. He's on today's rundown. 


CBN contributor Chuck Holton has been on the ground reporting on the violent protests and riots in Portland, Oregon and witnessed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler stage a tear gas incident in order to gain a photo opportunity for the press. Holton has gained many insights from being on the ground overnight and into the early hours of the morning. He describes all of it on today's Daily Rundown.