The United States is ramping up new protocols and fighting back against the Delta variant of COVID-19 which is proving to be more contagious than the original strain – and more resistant to the vaccine. While some are prepared to mask up again, others are refusing a 2020-do-over. Most can probably agree they’re frustrated with the mixed messaging from the government and media. CBN News Correspondent Brody Carter is on today’s Daily Rundown to interpret the CDC’s new guidelines and talk about what’s next for the Nation.

A string of arson across the canadian province of Alberta is leaving church pastors feeling uneasy, because they could be next. So far, 43 churches have been set ablaze overnight, and the community is skeptical about what message the perpetrators are trying to send. CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas relays the details of this story and possible reasons it’s happening on the podcast today.


The CDC has done an about-face and is now doubling down on mask mandates, even if you’re fully vaccinated. So what’s going on? Health correspondent Lorie Johnson is on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown with what health experts are saying and how it affects you.

Another big story from this week: The US will be winding down another military mission in the Middle East by year’s end. President Biden announced the end to the combat mission in Iraq. This is as US forces are set to be out of Afghanistan by August 31st. CBN contributor Chuck Holton has spent decades covering both countries, he weighs in on today’s episode.


China seized land across the Indian-Chinese border, prompting a swift response from India troops. This clash has led to a massive military build up along the border, with each side amassing hundreds of thousands of troops along with heavy equipment and firepower. This is only one of China's many recent provocations of neighboring countries. CBN's George Thomas breaks down the details of this developing story.


Today we’re taking a trip to Watters World – a Fox News primetime show hosted by Jesse Watters. Conservatives love him, liberals can’t stand him; but his quick-witted smarts and work ethic make him a powerful voice in the news world. He also recently entered into the book world with his new release, ‘How I Saved the World.’ CBN News Correspondent Jenna Browder caught up with Watters and is on the CBN News Daily Rundown today to talk about his new book and much more.

Facebook is back in the doghouse again about censorship, but this time the platform didn’t do enough. At least, that’s what the White House is saying about Facebook’s response to the recently released list of vaccine opponents called the ‘Disinformation Dozen.’ CBN News White House Correspondent Eric Philips joins the podcast today to discuss this ongoing battle between freedom of speech and eliminating disinformation.


Senator Rand Paul says he's asking the Department of Justice to investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci. In an exclusive interview with CBN's Abigail Robertson, Sen. Paul accused Dr. Fauci of lying to Congress about NIH funding of research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is at the center of the COVID 19 lab leak theory. Robertson is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.

Another big story from this week: Reporter Heather Sells just returned from Nevada, where extreme drought threatens the water supply for the millions of people who depend on Lake Mead. It's the largest reservoir in the US and it's currently only at about 35 percent capacity. Sells has the details on today's episode. 


Christian Pastors in Cuba are among the hundreds who have turned up detained or missing just days after massive protests against the Communist dictatorship in Cuba. Dan Andros and Tré Goins-Phillips have the details on this story and more on today's Daily Rundown. 


There’s no question the digital lives we’ve built are at risk of being hacked. It happens everyday in the form of identity theft, personal information leaks, and most disturbingly – major cyber security attacks on U.S. industries. But while the U.S. is fixated on securing networks from threats, some experts argue that a major cyber threat could lie within just one piece of hardware manufactured in China. CBN News National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke is on the podcast today to highlight a major yet overlooked concern in cyber security.

Another top story this week: During a year of pandemic deaths, there was another silent killer on the rise – and you can find it in nearly every drug on the street. An opioid called ‘Fentanyl’ is responsible for the worst year on record for drug-related deaths. CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson is on The Daily Rundown today to talk about this toxic drug, why it’s on the rise, and what you can do to protect yourself.


Well-known US Democratic Socialists like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say the suffering of the Cuban people is because of US restrictions. This, after a weekend of some of the largest protests in Cuba in more than two decades. Senior international correspondent Gary Lane has details on what's really behind the unrest there. He's on this week's CBN News Daily Rundown.

Another big story we've been following this week: COVID is spiking again in nearly every state. The director of the National Institute of Health says more than 99 percent of those currently hospitalized are unvaccinated. Now, the White House is fighting back against misinformation campaigns on social media. Health correspondent Lorie Johnson has the latest on it all, as well as details on a booster shot Pfizer's developed specifically to protect against the Delta variant. Listen in on today's episode. 


Maya Moore was on top of the game in the WNBA when she shocked the sporting world with her announcement that she'd stop playing in order to pursue "ministry" related goals, primarly to place her full energy behind saving a young man behind bars her family believed to be innocent. The video of their eventual legal victory went viral, and an innocent man was set free. ESPN's documentary prominently displayed the Christian faith of Moore and her family as they fought for Jonathan Irons. Dan Andros and Tré Goins-Phillips have the details on this remarkable story and more on today's podcast.


President Biden is encouraging cities to use excess COVID relief money to hire more police officers and put in place new crime prevention programs. It's all part of his plan to address a surge in violent crime across the US. Chicago is one of the hardest-hit cities and is often compared to a war zone. Reporter Charlene Aaron recently spoke with two pastors working there, who say the real crime prevention plan is to rise up against the spiritual forces behind the violence. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.