Since the early morning hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, Russian troops have closed in on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. While Putin says he’s ready for talks with Ukrainian officials, the violent actions of Russian forces speak louder than words. CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas is reporting from Ukraine on today’s episode to give us a glimpse on the ground, break down what Russia’s actions mean for Ukraine, and explain why Americans should care.


CDC faces intense backlash as a report from the New York Times reveals the government agency withheld important COVID data from Americans. Plus, a closer look at a new study that shows religion and academic success are closely tied together. That and more on today's podcast.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and thousands of truckers are making headlines after a crackdown on the convoy in Canada, but the protest isn’t over. The Freedom Convoy is revving up around the world. CBN News Middle East Correspondent Julie Stahl talked to protestors in Jerusalem about why they’re bringing the fight to Israel’s Capital. She’s on today’s episode to talk about what the protests look like and why the media has largely ignored the plight of its participants.


They've been called "The Genocide Games" by some and, on Sunday, the 2022 Winter Olympics will come to a close. Normally, the Games are a chance for the United States and the world to celebrate their athletes and watch as they fulfill their lifelong dreams of competing for a gold medal. However, this year’s Olympics seemed to lack that hopefulness and enthusiasm and TV ratings were down big. Why? The location. China’s record of human rights abuses and oppression were a dark cloud hanging over the Games, and some are concerned these Olympics served as a public relations coup for the totalitarian regime. CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd joins the Rundown to talk about the lasting effects these games could have for China, America, and the world.

Also, as the situation in Ukraine grows more intense by the day, Christians in that country are offering up prayers and gathering together to pray for their countrymen. CBN's George Thomas is in Ukraine, and we'll feature some of his reporting from the western part of the country on the Rundown this week, too.


The Chinese government is aggressively seeking to diminish the impact of Christianity in the Communist country, going so far as embarking on a decade long project to re-write the Bible. Some of the altered verses are coming to light and they are even more disturbing than one could imagine. Plus, Discovery releases a trailer for the new documentary taking a heavily critical look at Hillsong Church. 


America’s public schools are in trouble. From lessons on Critical Race Theory to mask mandates on school campuses, parents across the country are sounding the alarm in classrooms. CBN News Senior Washington Correspondent Tara Mergener has been keeping up with the rancorous school board meetings and federal backlash and joins the podcast today to discuss why some parents have had enough.


The situation in Ukraine grows more unstable by the day, as Russia amasses troops along the border and western allies work to convince Vladimir Putin not to invade their neighbor. This week, Russia and China declared a “new era” in their relationship, with China supporting Russia’s ambitions in Ukraine and Russia doing likewise with regard to Taiwan. Meanwhile, a report published recently by the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation finds U.S. military strength across its five branches is trending in the wrong direction, worrying lawmakers that we are not as prepared to respond to situations around the world as we once were. CBN News National Security Correspondent Caitlin Burke joins The Rundown to break down the report.


Mainstream fact-checkers operate under the pretense they are neutral, but high profile fact-checking outlets such as Snopes and Politifact have frequently been accused of having a political bias. We examine a recent claim by Snopes on a Biden Administration policy surrounding giving away free "crack pipes" to individuals (smoke kits). Plus, data analysts respond to a claim from atheists that prayer isn't needed, and a pastor goes viral over a post discussing what women should and shouldn't wear in photos posted online. Featuring Dan Andros, Tré Goins-Phillips, and Billy Hallowell.


Church isn’t always what it seems on TV. During the beginning of the pandemic, Christians met in parking lots, in lakes, and gathered around computers and televisions at home. Pastors and congregations struggled to find the sweet spot of meeting safely yet routinely. But out of the pandemic came the realization that many Christians are opting for a smaller Church home or “Mini Church.” CBN News Reporter Wendy Griffith noticed this trend and talked to local pastors about why Christians are drawn to intimate atmospheres and why it’s important for Christians to join with each other in fellowship – regardless of the setting.

Nearly three weeks into the standstill between Russia and Ukraine, not much has developed besides an accumulation of equipment and medical supplies near the border. In the calm before the potential storm, CBN News Chief Political Analyst David Brody sat down with Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the potential motives behind Putin’s playbook and consider if the United States has a moral obligation to help Ukraine.


A new Pew Research poll finds Americans are, in general, not happy with the economy, with 72% describing the economy as either "fair" or "poor," and only 1 in 4 Americans saying they are confident the economy will be better a year from now. The main reason is inflation, as prices are up nearly across the board. This week, the Federal Reserve indicated they're preparing to raise a benchmark interest rate in order to help fight inflation, but how much will it help? CBN News Financial Editor Drew Parkhill joins the Rundown to talk inflation, supply chains, as well as new GDP numbers and what they mean for your bottom line. 

Also, a recent study found millennials are increasingly leaving organized faith and Christianity altogether. An increase in the number of so-called "religious nones'' is on the rise, worrying pastors about the future of their congregations and the faith at large. CBN News reporter Brody Carter joins us to talk about why a growing number of young people are leaving behind the faith in which they grew up and what, if anything, the church can do about it.