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The FBI is warning of a terror threat being bred on the internet, but it's not coming from ISIS or other Islamic extremists. This time it's from groups of disenfranchised young men who are depressed by their inability to get a girlfriend. They call themselves "Incels," which stands for "Involuntary Celibate." CBN Contributor Chuck Holton has looked into this and what he found was a dark sub-culture with deadly consequences. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Amber Guyger murdered his brother, and yet Brandt Jean chose mercy and forgiveness—completely changing the narrative of this story.

“You now have people talking about police brutality, talking about injustice, and then talking about God—who weren’t talking about him 24 hours ago,” Reporter Amber Strong said on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown.

Still, there’s a lot of anger surrounding this issue, and Brandt Jean’s grace towards the woman who murdered his brother has seen some push back.

 “This family is going to keep fighting to dig out the roots of corruption in and around this case that you saw come out in the trial, but they’re going to do it with grace. And it's so strange to a world that’s not used to seeing grace, that’s what’s portraying online, people don’t understand grace because it’s hard to grasp…this family is going to show the world what that looks like,” Amber says.

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It's unprecedented, historic...and a nightmare for Israeli voters. We're talking about elections. Israeli's have already gone to the polls twice this year and now it's looking they could be headed back for round three. Mid-East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell says there's only one thing he can think of that would cause Israeli lawmakers to set their differences aside and come together as a united front--war. Listen in, he's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


“Donald Trump could actually be the first president who would be impeached and win re-election. That would be fascinating,” CBN News chief political analyst David Brody, referring to the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry and how it could all play out in 2020. Listen in, Brody is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown for October 1, 2019.


Five years ago an Israeli soldier was killed by Hamas. They took his body and have been using it as a bargaining chip ever since. Hadar Goldin's parents have been trying to get retrieve his remains, but they've made no progress...until now. National Security correspondent Eric Philips recently spoke with the Goldin's, who came to the U.S. after a new resolution was passed by the United Nations Security Council, a resolution that has a direct connection to their situation. Phillips explains on today's CBN News Daily Rundown for September 30, 2019. 


Since the US refugee program began some 40 years ago the number of refugees the nation says it's willing to take has fallen lower and lower. This week the Trump administration announced it's cutting refugee admissions to their lowest ever.

"The Trump administration repeatedly talks about religious freedom and the president this week in his speech to the United Nations called on countries to end religious persecution and yet at the same time his administration is making a decision that we will let fewer people into our country who are fleeing religious persecution," says CBN News Correspondent Heather Sells.

Breaking down what this means today on the CBN News Daily Rundown.


Protests in Hong Kong are approaching their 17th week. The clashes between protesters and police are increasingly turning violent. CBN senior international correspondent George Thomas is there and says that at the moment there really aren't any good options for Chinese intervention. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


Do you have a leaky gut?  Maybe you do, but don't know it.  Good gut health has to do with hundreds of beneficial kinds of bacteria located in the intestines.  Doctors say good gut health plays an integral role in your overall health, and not just from a medical perspective.  Experts say there is a strong link between poor gut health and depression and even Alzheimer's disease.  So how can you know how your gut is doing?  CBN Medical Correspondent Lorie Johnson answers that question in today's episode of the Rundown, but here's a hint: the proof is in the poop!

And speaking of poop, Lorie also explains a mind blowing new procedure being used to help people with poor gut health.


Today is day two in the murder trial of Amber Guyger, a white Dallas police officer who fatally shot her black neighbor, Botham Jean.

Guyger said she was distracted by a phone call when she went into her neighbor's apartment a year ago. She thought she was in her own place and then shot the man who was there. She said she thought he was an intruder. It turned out that she had killed him in his own apartment.

The defense casts the shooting as a tragic mistake. Prosecutors question how Guyger could have missed all the clues that she was in the wrong apartment.

Reporter Amber Strong recently traveled to Dallas to speak to those who knew the 26-year-old victim. She's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Not too far from the nation's capital, at the southern end of the Potomac River, there's a massive ship graveyard. Some of the ships there predate the American Revolution. Producer Gabe LaMonica recently got a tour of the ghost fleet. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.