Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: An Oregon judge says he's off the bench and standing trial--because of his faith. CBN News Washington Correspondent Jennifer Wishon spoke with Judge Vance Day--she's on today's episode with details about how Day ended up in criminal court and why he wouldn't trade any of it.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: The US led an airstrike, over the weekend, against Syria's chemical weapons facilities--a move Israel applauded--but that still led to some tense conversations with the United States. CBN News Mid-East bureau chief Chris Mitchel and senior editor John Waage talk about the threat that Israel warns, still needs to be neutralized. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. has some pretty high-profile friends--but he says he's not interested in fame, he's interested in forming relationships with sinners--just like Jesus did. CBN News reporter and Studio 5 host, Efrem Graham, sat down with Wilkerson and asked him what he has to say to "critical Christians."


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: A mass exodus on Capitol Hill. House Speaker Paul Ryan joins a growing list of lawmakers who say they will not seek re-election. CBN News Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson digs into what's become so toxic about the culture on the Hill. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: An encouraging story out of the Mid-East, even as the world waits to see how the West will respond to Syria. For years the Israeli military has helped coordinate what's known as the "Good Neighbor Project," sending in food, fuel, and desperately needed medical treatment to Syria. It's an outside-of-the-box plan, but CBN Middle East Bureau Chief says it's been a game changer. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Next stop on the apology tour--Capitol Hill. Mark Zuckerberg faces Congress today to apologize for Facebook's failings and discuss how to move forward. From privacy breaches to Russian meddling, CBN News National Security correspondent Erik Rosales digs into how more than just the average consumer is at risk. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: A brutal attack in Syria. Dozens are dead, hundreds injured and chemical weapons suspected. Now the international community is faced with a dilemma--how do they respond? A response of military force against the Syrian government would require proof that Assad's regime was behind the attack, and that it did, indeed, use chemical weapons. CBN News Senior International Correspondent George Thomas and Contributing Correspondent Chuck Holton break down what happened in Syria over the weekend and what we're likely to see going forward.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: A twisted theology--Hamas continues to send protesters to the Gaza/Israeli border, inciting an aggressive response from the Israeli troops standing guard. Why? Experts say Hamas knows that dead demonstrators are good PR. CBN News Senior Editor John Waage is in Israel and has details on the latest tactics used by a terrorist organization out for the annihilation of the Jewish state.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Kathie Lee Gifford frequently uses her platform on television to share about Jesus. Comments she made following the death of Rev. Billy Graham went viral--and CBN News 700 Club anchor John Jessup caught up with her to hear her reaction and to hear about Gifford's new book. He came away from that interview inspired himself, and with a new understanding of Jesus.


Fifty years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated outside a motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Since Dr. King began his fight for civil rights much has been achieved, but much work remains. Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown, Caitlin Burke brings us the story of Daryl Davis, a black blues musician who is breaking barriers born of hate and ignorance through remarkable friendships with members of the Ku Klux Klan.