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Hurricane Dorian continues to weaken as it works its way up the East Coast and its impact on the US has been minimal. When a hurricane is forecast it's always unpredictable how things will turn out, which makes planning coverage difficult. Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown, News Director, Rob Allman shares some behind the scenes insight into what went into our coverage plan for Hurricane Dorian. 


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be taking a beating by Parliament as he works to get the UK out of the European Union, but CBN News senior international correspondent, Dale Hurd points out that Britain doesn’t have a Constitution--which means there are very unclear guidelines of just what is or is not in the power of the Prime Minister to do. Listen in on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown as Dale explains.


Hurricane Dorian continues to track up the coast as a category 2 storm but the main focus is on the devastation it left behind in the Bahamas. Rescue efforts are underway in the hardest-hit areas and basic necessities like food and clean water are slowly being delivered. CBN contributor Chuck Holton is on a plane full of supplies headed to the Bahamas. He says the main goal for the day is to find an airstrip that's not underwater. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


“One of the hardest things for me about going to these kinds of places is the feeling of helplessness I get when I’m there,” Chuck Holton said of a recent trip to a  Nigerian refugee camp.

“Because there are 1,500 people in this camp, I can’t help all these people…but then I have to remind myself that, ‘No, I can tell their story to the world and then the world can help,’” Holton continued.

On today’s CBN News Daily Rundown he recounts the dire circumstances he found thousands of displaced Christians in and calls for action on their behalf.



Lights, camera, action!!! 

Today's podcast takes a look at how entertainment news is an essential part of the Christian's diet.  "I used to laugh at entertainment reporters when I was a student journalist and say 'they don't do real news, I want to do real hard news," said CBN News Anchor and Entertainment Correspondent Efrem Graham.  Then something changed once he arrived at CBN News, started covering the entertainment beat and a realization set in.  "The entertainment world is a place where so many opportunities to share the gospel can happen," Efrem says.  His beat has now evolved into a weekly show called Studio 5.  However, there have been bumps in the road as some of his stories have been met with rebuke.  Efrem talks about that and much more in today's episode.


700 Club and Faith Nation News Anchor John Jessup goes deep on his experiences growing up biracial and his take on where the body of Christ is on issues of diversity and racial unity.  "Today if someone were to ask 'what's the community with which you most strongly identify' before I'd say Korean or Black I'd say Christian," Jessup said.  He talks about the call of believers which crosses all color lines.  "We may not see eye to eye, but can we at least be all facing the same direction, and appreciate what we're looking at?"


Hurricane Dorian has Puerto Rico in its sights. The powerful storm brings with it devastating winds and torrential rains. Forecasters expect it to make landfall Wednesday evening, threatening major damage and flooding. Florida Task Force 2, an elite search and rescue team, is staged in Puerto Rico ready to ride out the storm and then immediately provide assistance where needed. Caitlin Burke worked with this team of first responders during Hurricane Michael and she's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown sharing that experience. 


“It’s so important for us leaders to be grounded, not by how many likes we have, or how many people follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we’ve got to make sure that we’re grounded in the Word of God. Not just, ‘I have a huge following so I don’t have to take the time to be discipled,’” Charlene Aaron said on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown in response to several high-profile Christian leaders who have recently renounced their faith via social media.

Hillsong Pastor Christine Caine says there is a deep biblical truth many Christian leaders are missing:

“There is a really big difference between gifting and anointing. A gift will fill a room. A gift will entertain a crowd. A gift will stir people up. But the bible says in Isaiah 10:27, that it is the anointing that breaks yokes and chains and bondages. And the only way you get an anointing is through crushing. But we have a generation that doesn’t want to be crushed, but would rather be paraded. Then we will continue to have gifted people and we will not have anointed people.”

Listen in as Charlene shares more about social media discipleship.


Attacks between Iran and Israel are not new, but it will only take one big enough escalation to thrust their shadow war into the spotlight. Over the last week, Israel has carried out several major operations against Iran and its proxies, widening the dimensions of the war. Mideast Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell says the region is living in uncertainty, but for how much longer?  Mitchell is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown 


“When you go to the set of a Kendrick Brothers film, there is an intercessory prayer department on set, and literally they begin every single day with breakfast and prayer,” Efrem Graham said of his experience covering their new film “Overcomer.”

The Kendrick Brothers are responsible for blockbuster hit, “War Room,” and they say this is the film God has led them to next.

Listen in on today’s CBN News Daily Rundown as Efrem Graham shares about what he's noticed that sets the Kendrick Brothers films apart.