Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Senior International Correspondent George Thomas has a heart for telling the stories of ordinary people who are heros of the faith in some of the most remote places in the world. He's on today talking about a recent trip to Kenya--where he spent time with the doctors of Kijabe hospital. 


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: The UN is set to vote on a non-binding resolution criticizing President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and move the U.S. embassy there. Senior International Correspondent Gary Lane breaks down the U.S. response to the UN vote--comparing it to a similarly aggressive stance once taken by the Reagan administration. 


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: CBN New Capitol Hill reporter Abigail Robertson covers a historic week on the Hill, as Congress works to get their tax bill to the desk of the President. Abigail goes into what to expect today, shares some behind the scenes stories about her coverage and looks ahead to next year. 


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: Reporter Charlene Aaron talks dealing with grief around the holidays. She shares helpful insights from her own experiences dealing with the loss of a loved one and also some tips from a recent interview with a cognitive neuroscientist who has studied the effects of grief on the brain. 


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: CBN News 700 Club Anchor John Jessup shares about being in Lebanon when President Trump made his historic Israel announcement, finding God in a refugee camp and being stranded in Greece during a strike--all during his recent two week vacation.


Today on The CBN News Daily Rundown: A 12-year-old Iraqi Christian tells Reporter Paul Strand that what he really wants from Americans as he returns to his hometown is prayer--Paul takes us inside that interview and also shares stories from his time embedded with an Army unit in Iraq back in 2003.


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: Omarosa Manigault Newman will resign in the new year according to the White House--but many are reporting she was fired. CBN News reporter Amber Strong shares her own experiences with the Apprentice star turned White House aid; and Reporter Heather Sells gives me behind the scenes information about today's 700 Club guest, Jordan Whitmer, a 19-year-old evangelist on a mission to teach his peers about God.


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: Political Correspondent David Brody talks results of the Alabama Special Election and gives his predictions of how it could affect Republicans going into 2018. 


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: Senior Reporter Dale Hurd shares insight into the terrorist organizations that are planning attacks against the U.S. and Europe and he shares a prediction he made nearly 10 years ago--that seems much less far fetched today.


Today on the CBN News Daily Rundown: Abigail Robertson talks about what it's like working as the Capitol Hill correspondent in the midst of the sexual misconduct reckoning happening on the Hill and Reporter Heather Sells explores one of the only shelters in the country for victims of child sex trafficking.