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President Trump announced this week that he hopes to re-open parts of the economy by Easter, but health care experts warn the country isn't nearly ready to drop quarantines and return to normal. For instance, in New York City, the infection rate is doubling every three days, and the White House says anyone who has recently been in New York should self-quarantine for 14 days. Before any decision is made about when to ease up on restrictions, the president will consult with the team of experts that make up his Coronavirus Task Force. White House correspondent Ben Kennedy is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with more on who the president chose for this elite team and what role it plays in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The news is grim as COVID-19 spread across the US. The pandemic insights panic, anxiety, and fear as the world begins to feel hopeless, but what should the Christian response be? Many are choosing to respond differently to this crisis than the world around them. Dan Andros, managing editor of Faithwire and co-host of Faith vs. Culture is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with a look at the faith perspective to COVID-19. 


As the nation grinds to a halt, air travel is becoming more and more difficult and could stop completely if Washington doesn't pass a stimulus package to help airlines continue to pay their employees. CBN News contributor Chuck Holton has traveled both domestically and internationally over the last two weeks. He says even domestic travel is now nearly impossible without facing hours, if not days of flight delays. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with the latest on what travelers and airlines are facing.


The nation's most populated state is under a "Stay at Home" lock-down. California's governor, Thursday, ordered his states, residents, to shelter in place and only leave their homes for essential jobs, errands, and some exercise. Drastic measures like these are being put in place in an effort to avoid overwhelming the medical system and to protect those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, especially the elderly. Reporter Mark Martin recently took a look at what senior living communities are doing to protect their population. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Capitol Hill is not immune to COVID-19. Florida Congressman Mario Diaz Balart and Utah Congressman Ben McAdams released statements Wednesday night saying they've tested positive for the virus. This as lawmakers start to consider a massive economic recovery package--one that would require House representatives to return to Washington to vote on. Capitol Hill correspondent Abigail Robertson is on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with the latest on what lawmakers are proposing as a way to pass crucial legislation while remaining in their home states. 


COVID-19 has now spread to all 50 states and more than 100 Americans have died. At least 22 states are activating the National Guard and more than three dozen states have canceled public schools. The Coronavirus Task Force is asking young, healthy people to practice social distancing and help protect those who are most vulnerable to the virus. The idea of an extended quarantine is starting to weigh heavy on people's minds. Senior international correspondent George Thomas has already experienced one. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.


Today will be a "St. Paddy's Day" like no other. For the first time in 258 years, New York's St. Patrick's Day parade has been canceled. Similar celebrations around the world have also shut down because of COVID-19.

Normally, St. Patrick's Day is a widely celebrated holiday of drinking and carousing, but what was it like a thousand years ago when it first started? A new CBN Film, "I am Patrick" is out on DVD today. Eric Philips recently spoke with Jarrod Anderson who wrote, directed and produced the docu-drama. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown. 


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future is at risk as he leads the battle against COVID-19. Over the weekend, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin chose Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to form the next government. Rivlin spoke with Gantz and Netanyahu about the possibility of forming a national emergency government until the coronavirus crisis has passed. Mideast Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell and Mideast Correspondent Julie Stahl are on today's CBN News Daily Rundown with the latest. 


America is starting to feel the full pressure of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it's all happening in an election year. Almost overnight everything has changed for the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, and for President Trump, who's hoping to win a second term. Senior political analyst David Brody is on today's CBN News with a look at how COVID-19 has already changed the 2020 presidential race. 


There's been a seismic shift in the global church. In the last century, Christianity has exploded in Asia, Africa, and South America. Not only are those churches flourishing, but they're also sending missionaries to the four corners of the earth. Senior international correspondent George Thomas has been covering this story. He's on today's CBN News Daily Rundown.