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Santa’s Secret Wish; Teaching Children to Have Grateful Hearts


This Christmas season, parents and grandparents may find themselves seeking ways to teach children the blessing of thankfulness. 

Author, retired educator and grandmother Kay Stone, tells CBN News that was the question she faced while caring for her young grandchildren.

That led to authoring a book titled, “Santa’s Secret Wish.” 

So what is Santa’s secret wish?

“Santa’s secret wish is that he could get a stack of mail as high in January, as he gets in December,” Stone explained. 

As a result, Santa begins leaving letters in children’s stockings on Christmas Eve.

“He wants to know if he made them happy, if they like the substitutions he has to make and that he is doing a good job,” she continued. 

In the story, Santa is disappointed because he does not receive a single letter in January.

Along comes young Charlotte. Charlotte sends Santa his first thank-you note. 

As a result, Charlotte is invited to ride in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The book comes with stationary to encourage parents to adopt the tradition of teaching children to write thank-you notes.

“It says ‘Help make Santa’s wish come true, even more quickly,’” described Stone.

“I hope that it will help children learn to live with more grateful hearts,” she continued.

It also reinforces the idea a little gratitude can go a long way.

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