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Chance the Rapper Brings the Funny and the Praise, Glorifying God on SNL


nce the Rapper seizes every opportunity to give God glory, and he did it once again after a highly praised appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The three-time Grammy winner has performed his music on SNL before. He was a musical guest in 2016, but Saturday was his first time hosting the show and doing sketch comedy. 

By all accounts, he brought the funny – and critics are calling his comedic sketch performances a big hit.

Chance joked during his opening monologue, "I don't have anything to promote tonight. The only thing I am here to celebrate is Thanksgiving." 

"And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have pledged to give one million dollars to Chicago Public Schools."

"The only problem is I talked to my accountant and I do not have it, so I need to make some money very fast."  

He then performed a humorous version of a Thanksgiving holiday tune, written only to raise money.
That's how his successful appearance on SNL began. But many longtime fans are more in love with the praise Chance delivered at the end of the show.

As SNL was wrapping up he said, "Thank you to this entire cast, to the crew for this amazing week. I serve an awesome God."

While Chance's music falls in the secular genre, his faith is always with him. He routinely acknowledges Christ in his public appearances.

He added a gospel hook to the song he performed on SNL, just days before Christmas in 2016. He then declared, "I like when we use Jesus' name on network TV." 

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