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Denzel Washington Gets Deep About God, Offers This Test Proving Your Social Media Addiction


Denzel Washington has a simple message for young people about social media – "Turn it off."

In a recent interview about his new film, Roman J. Israel, Esq., the two-time Academy Award-winning actor told CBN's Efrem Graham, "It's hard for young people now. They're hooked, they're addicted."

"If you don't think you're addicted – and I'm talking about anyone from the highest to the lowest – if you don't think you're addicted then see if you can turn it off for a week," said Washington.

He continued, "It's a tool, so we should use it. God has blessed us with free will, now, it's free will magnified, free will on steroids. You're free to go in any direction you want. It's not the enemy, it's just a reflection of our own free will."

Washington says the problem is rooted in the age-old desire to be liked. 

"We used to do anything to be liked, but it was (to be liked) by the person in front of you. Now it's to be liked by 16 million people that you don't know." 
"We have to ask ourselves what is the long-term effect, if not the short-term effect, of too much information," he added.

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