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'Soul Surfer' Star Bethany Hamilton Shares Exciting News with Her Fans


Christian surfer Bethany Hamilton, who survived a horrific shark attack that took her left arm in her teens, says she is halfway through her second pregnancy.

"20 weeks along and feeling excited everyday," she wrote in an Instagram post, along with a picture of her toddler, Tobias touching her baby bump.


20 weeks along and feeling excited everyday! For those who don't know 20 weeks is about halfway along in pregnancy.

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While most women find out their babies' gender around 20 weeks, she and her husband Adam says they're holding off.

"I begged Adam to wait till baby's birthday to find out the gender and he agreed," Hamilton wrote on her blog. "I really wanted a surprise for this baby. So, surprise it will be!"
She said her son Tobias is excited to be a big brother.

"He gives baby kisses every day! We are thankful we can grow our family and add even more joy to life. Becoming parents to Tobias has been such a beautiful journey," she wrote.

Hamilton said her pregnancy "has been mellow and manageable" and she is excited to meet her new child in March.

The 27-year-old surfer rose to fame after she miraculously survived a shark attack while surfing in 2003. The attack hasn't stopped her from surfing and she is one of the top competitors in the world.

She has since had a movie made about her journey called "Soul Surfer."

Despite having a large following, she gives glory to God.

"I found that having my faith in God has team worked my passion for surfing, because it's kept me grounded in who I am in Christ more than who I am as a surfer or an ocean lover," she said during a 2015 appearance at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in California.


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