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Candace Cameron Bure Admits Facing Discrimination for Her Christian Faith in Hollywood

Candance Cameron Bure.  Screenshot courtesy: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube
Candance Cameron Bure. Screenshot courtesy: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube

Actress Candace Cameron Bure says she has faced discrimination in the entertainment industry for her Christian faith.

Bure appeared on the nationally syndicated television program "The Wendy Williams Show" last week to promote her new Hallmark Channel movie, "A Shoe Addict's Christmas." Williams asked Bure, "Do you ever get criticism for your faith in terms of acting jobs and things?"

"I have experienced discrimination in the faith department for sure in my career," the "Fuller House" actress and New York Times best-selling author replied. "But I don't experience it as much now because I think so many people know me for it.  I think they look to me for my faith, but if they're not looking for that they just don't hire me. It's not thrown in my face like, 'We're not having her on.'"

Williams then asked Bure about the early days in her career.

"I've been booked for things and then I would get canceled a few days before," she said. 

Earlier in the interview, Williams reminded Bure that with the success of the Hallmark movies and "Fuller House" she is in a sweet spot with her career right now.

"Thank you," Bure responded as the audience applauded their approval. "Wendy, I've chosen to be in family entertainment. That has been a very intentional decision on my part. I've always wanted to do family entertainment. I've never wanted to go down a dark road even as an actress."

Williams interrupted her and asked if she missed appearing daily on ABC's "The View."

"I don't miss 'The View' at all," Bure answered. "I love being on talk shows. I love hosting talk shows. But that was a hard job every single day, day in and day out talking politics. And my faith. But that was the easiest part for me to be able to talk about my faith and share my faith."

Bure also told Williams she is very thankful for her fans and loves to meet them. 

"When fans come over, it means they're watching what I do. It means they're watching the shows. They're watching "Full House," "Fuller House," Hallmark movies or reading my books and I appreciate it so much," she noted. "You keep me doing what I love to do, so I'm always very happy when fans come over and say 'hi.'"

Bure's "A Shoe Addict's Christmas" will be airing all month on the Hallmark Channel

Watch Bure's interview with Williams below:

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