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'More Constant Connection to God': Judah Smith Rolls Out Churchome 'Guided Prayers' that Bieber Touted

Pastor Judah Smith's Churchome app offer "Guided Prayers"
Pastor Judah Smith's Churchome app offer "Guided Prayers"

To mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Churchome app, Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, along with pioneering mobile technology company Seventh Spark, have announced a new feature for the popular "church at home" app with a brand new daily practice arriving just in time for the holidays: Guided Prayers.

The Guided Prayers are five- to seven-minute meditations posted on the app every day, guiding members through a scripture and prayer experience. A handful of these daily guided prayers were recently teased out to the world by longtime Churchome member Justin Bieber on his Instagram account in September, where he stated, "They have really been helping me and I thought I would share."



This is a guided prayer. Find a comfortable position and enjoy this experience

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

In the first year of the Churchome app, users from all over the world sought help and guidance. With almost a half a million prayers made on the app, the Smiths saw that many people are suffering with fear and anxiety and knew that an even deeper and more personalized experience on the app was needed. 
"In our first year with our app we talked with our global community, and in that time, we realized that people all over the world are looking for a more constant connection to God. We've redesigned the app to solely focus on fulfilling that need," Judah Smith said. 

"Chelsea and I developed this practice together in order to guide our members in prayer, bring them inspiration, and help them better connect with God. It is especially timely for those during this holiday season who may be feeling lonely, pressured, or anxious; we hope these prayers can bring them peace."

Having led the church in Seattle and Los Angeles for the past 10 years, the Smiths noticed that a growing number of members, particularly millennials, said they no longer go to a physical church building for prayer or services. Thus, Churchome Global was created to bring the community and the experience of church to people via their mobile devices. The Churchome app offers 24/7/365 access to the Churchome community and programming in an effort to engage members in an innovative and easily accessible way.
Version 2.0 of the Churchome Global app is available now on both the iOS and Android platforms. The app is free to download, and all content is also free. In addition to Guided Prayers, the app will also continue to offer worship services and sermons, a virtual lobby to meet and mingle with new people, topical conversations and more. 
In 2020, the app will also include a Pastor Chat feature which will allow users to send in questions or select to chat with someone from the Churchome pastoral team at any time. A dedicated pastor will be on-call to respond to incoming requests, questions and needs nearly 24 hours a day.
Since its launch last year, the Churchome Global app has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. 

The ministry reports 60% of the app users are female (40% are male), with 45% of members under the age of 34. Eighty percent of users are based in the US with all 50 states being represented, while the app is also used in over 200 cities across the globe. 

Since its launch, the app has also had over 460,000 prayers that have been prayed on their Pray feed. 

To learn more about Churchome Global and download the app, click here.

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