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Tax Debt Relief the IRS Won't Tell You About

How To Get Tax Amnesty
How To Get Tax Amnesty

The deadline to file your tax return is quickly approaching. But what if you're one of the millions of Americans who owes the IRS more money than you can possibly pay?

It can happen to anyone - even the most honest taxpayer. You miss something, or you make a mistake. And through no fault of your own, you find yourself in debt to the IRS to the tune of thousands of dollars you don't have, and can't pay.

It's a nightmare scenario that happens to millions of Americans every year. 

Pat Robertson talks with tax expert Dan Pilla about How to Get Tax Amnesty on Thursday's 700 Club.

But leading tax expert, Dan Pilla, says that one of the IRS's best-kept secrets is that you can be forgiven of tax debt you owe, but cannot pay.

The IRS has several programs in place to help you. The government won't tell you abou them, but Dan Pilla lays it all out in his book, How to Get Tax Amnesty.


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