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Does This New Fad Toy Fight ADHD and Autism?


It's the latest fad toy that's dominating social media and the classroom.

Some say the fidget spinner, a small gadget that can spin quickly between your fingers, is supposed to help children with ADHD and autism learn how to focus.

"If you notice you have an ADHD kid in the classroom, they like to fidget when they try to think of a cognitive task," family therapist Dr. Linda Mintle told CBN News. "That's okay because what that physical movement tends to do is stimulate an under stimulated part of the brain. It helps them focus a little bit. 

However, researchers and psychiatrists aren't convinced the toy really helps fight ADHD.

"The problem is, with the gadget is you're not physically moving," Mintle explains. "You're sort of outsourcing your movement which doesn't make it effective."

The toy's effects may be better suited for individuals with autism, Mintle suggests.

"The idea behind it with autism is there are some toys that occupational therapists use with kids with autism because of the sensory processing issues those kids have. There are toys like this that they sometimes used as a way to help," Mintle says.

Ultimately, Mintle believes the jury is still out on whether this fad toy can really help people with ADHD and autism.


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