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Getting Away with Murder? NY Doctor Gets Plea Deal for Killing Woman in Botched Late-Term Abortion


Earlier this week, a New York court struck a plea deal with gynecologist Dr. Robert Rho, who is accused of killing a recent college graduate in a botched, late-term abortion.

Jamie Lee Morales, 30, died after undergoing the botched procedure at Liberty Women's Health of Queens in 2016.

QNS.com reports that court documents show the prosecutor accused Dr. Rho of failing "to give the victim timely medical attention and encouraged her to leave despite her lethargic appearance and the excessive bleeding."

Rho initially faced 15 years in jail for manslaughter but will now only serve up to four years behind bars for criminally negligent homicide as a result of the plea deal.

Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, who formerly served as a Planned Parenthood director, is not satisfied with Tuesday's sentencing.

"Dr. Rho should sit in prison for the rest of his life" for the crimes he committed against Ms. Morales and her child, said Johnson, who fears the abortionist "will serve about 10 months in jail, according to his defense attorney."

Meanwhile, QNS.com reports that the prosecutor, Richard A. Brown, was moved by the tragedy, calling Morales' death "a very sad case."

Brown noted she was "a 30-year-old woman, who had recently graduated from college and had her whole life ahead of her."

The prosecutor said Morales "died as the result of this botched procedure," and now Dr. Rho will pay for his "inaction."

But Johnson argues Rho was guilty of more than just "inaction" and that he, in fact, "perforated her uterus, destroyed her cervix, and severed the major artery to her uterus."

To make matters worse, the former Planned Parenthood director noted, Rho "refused to call an ambulance and allowed this 30-year-old mother to bleed to death."

In short, "Dr. Rho killed Jamie Lee Morales," said Johnson, who is concerned that "his crimes are not unique."

Johnson lists a number of doctors who have botched the abortion procedure, while injuring, maiming and killing their patients.

According to Johnson, who now heads a ministry for abortion workers, "No abortion is safe for women."

Johnson, who once witnessed a baby fighting for its life in the womb while doctors performed an abortion, thinks she has the answer.

"We need to end a woman's crisis, not her pregnancy, by offering options that empower her and give her the support she needs to parent or place her child for adoption," she said. "Women deserve better than the Dr. Rhos of the world and they deserve better than abortion."

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