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Scam Tracker Helps Shoppers During Christmas Season


Christmas is a busy time of year, especially for scammers. The hustle and bustle can give them even more opportunities to take advantage of people.
That's why the Better Business Bureau has introduced a scam tracker to expose popular scams and keep you from becoming the next victim.     

Be careful about "lookalike" websites when doing Christmas shopping - they may steal your money or send fake products.
Watch out for fake shipping emails. They can have links that download malware to your computer.

There's also a new gift card scam that prompts you to use a gift card to get a special deal.
And the BBB reports phone scams are big too, including fake tech support, fake sweepstakes offering a prize for a small fee, and the IRS scam, when the caller tells you you're in trouble with the IRS unless you pay up now.
"He said I'll be going to jail and agents would be coming to handcuff me and take me away," Kevin Lemon, a scam victim, said. "I feel bad, very bad."

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