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Soldier-Slapper, Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi Sentenced to Jail

Ahed Tamimi in Court, Photo, TPS, Hillel Maeir

JERUSALEM, Israel – Ahed Tamimi, the Arab teen who gained notoriety when her mother streamed a video on Facebook showing her slapping, shoving and kicking Israeli soldiers went viral, accepted a plea bargain that includes an eight-month prison stint and a 5,000-shekel fine.

The teen's latest provocation took place on December 15 near her village of Nabi Sahih in the Ramallah area. 

The teen's mother, Nariman, was also convicted, sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 6,000 shekels. Her cousin, Nour, was fined 2,000 shekels and 16 days in jail.

Tamimi Family in Court, Photo, TPS, Hillel Maeir

Asked by her videographer (her mother) what she hoped to convey, she called on "everyone to take part in the demonstrations," the Times of Israel reported.

"Our strength is in our stones," she said. "Whether it is stabbings or suicide bombings or throwing stones, everyone must do their part and we must unite in order for our message to be heard that we want to liberate Palestine [sic]."

Tamimi, 17, has become somewhat of an icon among Arab teens. Wikipedia defines her as "a Palestinian activist" in the "occupied West Bank."

It's not the first time she's harassed soldiers in front of a camera. Her family is known for sending its kids to harass soldiers in hopes of provoking a response to use against them. The incident below took place in December 2012.

As part of the plea bargain, the court reduced the 12 charges against her to four she was willing to accept.

On Tuesday, her father, Bassem, paid his first visit to his wife and daughter, afterward telling reporters he found her in "good spirits," using her time in jail to study, read and improve her English-language skills, the Times reported.  

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